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Do You Know that Improvement of Sperm Count and Motility Improves Fertility in Male? Sperms are found in semen an organic fluid produced by male reproductive organs.

What Is Semen?

Semen is also known as seminal fluid and is a viscous, creamy liquid with a grey or yellow tinge.  It has a chlorine or fishy odor smell and tastes slightly sweet due to its fructose content.  Semen is produced by male reproductive structures in different percentages.

  • Seminal vescicles – about 70%
  • Prostate gland – about 30%
  • Testes & Epididymus – about 05%
  • Bulbourethal & Urethral glands – 2-5%

The normal volume of semen ejaculated each time is around 2-3 ml or more sometimes which consists of 200-300 million sperms. Semen has a quality to coagulate initially and then liquefy later which helps in fertilization.

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What Is the Composition of Semen?

Semen consists of two important constituents – Sperms and Seminal fluid.

Seminal Fluid

Is produced by male sex organs like seminal vesicles (60%), Prostate glands (30%), and small amounts by other glands. Seminal fluids contain many substances which help and nourish the sperms to stay healthy and move actively.

The various substances and minerals in the seminal fluid are – fructose, amino acids, citric acid, phosphorous, potassium, hormones like prostaglandins, calcium, sodium, zinc, protein splitting enzymes, fibrinolysis, and a thick clear lubricating protein called mucus.


Are male sex cells produced by testes, the male sex organ, and contributes to only about 1-5 percent of the volume of semen. They look like small tadpoles and have the genetic material to create human offspring.

The structure of sperm consists of the following parts:

  • Head – Is oval in shape and consists of haploid DNA used to fertilize the egg.
  • Mid-Peice – Is the linear part that connects the head and the tail.
  • Tail – It is a flagellate part and has the quality to move or swim in the reproductive parts of the female to reach the egg for fertilisation.

The sperm count, its shape, form, and its motility are important for the male to be fertile and help in conception.


Sperm Motility

The ability to move or swim rapidly by the sperm is known as sperm motility which is very important for male fertility. Normally, there are 200-300 million sperms per ejaculate, out of which 70% -90% sperms are normal in shape and form and around 60% to 80% of sperms move actively and are responsible for fertilizing the egg.

A male is said to be fertile when at least 40% of sperms are mobile and move actively. Low sperm count and low sperm mobility can cause infertility in male. Low sperm mobility in male is known as asthenospermia or asthenozoospermia. Low sperm count in males is known as oligospermia or oligozoospermia.

What Are the Causes of Low Sperm Count and Mobility?

Common causes for a low sperm count and mobility:

Testicular Disorders

  • Varicocele – inflammation of veins around the scrotum and testes causing a decrease in sperm production
  • Testicular infections – Orchitis, Epididymitis and chronic infections
  • Undescended testes, i.e. the testes are not in the scrotal sacs but higher up
  • Tumours in male genital tract
  • Ejaculation problems – Pre erections and pre-mature ejaculations
  • Medical disorders – Hormonal imbalance problems, Diabetes etc
  • Genetic – Congenital abnormalities and chromosomal defects
  • Exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins
  • Nutritional deficiencies – Lack of adequate vitamins and minerals
  • Lifestyle problems – Habits like smoking and excess consumption of alcohol, lack of adequate sleep and obesity
  • Stress and mood disorders

How to Improve Your Sperm Count and Motility?

  • Treatment of conditions like varicocele, infections, medical disorders, and hormonal problems will assist in improving the sperm count.
  • Proper treatment of sexual intercourse problems and ejaculation problems can help in the increase of semen containing healthy sperms.
  • Nutrition – Eat healthy foods containing good nutrients like amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Decrease stress by relaxation with yoga and meditation.
  • Lifestyle changes which includes regular exercise, quitting of smoking and excess alcohol, avoid things emitting radiation, not wearing tight underwear, and having good sleep.
  • Treatment for mood changes/depression/anxiety.

Natural Foods / Supplements Which Can Help Improve Sperm Count and Motility

  • Fresh Fruits And Vegetables – Which contain plenty of vitamins and minerals like banana, pomegranate, orange, leafy vegetables, avocado, beans, garlic, asparagus etc.
  • Proteins And Fatty Acids – Avocado, walnuts, nuts, eggs, fish like salmon and sardines etc.
  • Herbs – Such as Ashwagandha(ginseng), Safed Musli, Asparagus, Macuna Puriens, Shilajeet, Shatavari etc may also help increase fertility.
  • Supplements – Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Boron can also be taken to help improve the counts along with natural foods.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please talk to a healthcare provider.

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