V. Suryanarayana Raju, Bhimavaram

I am 28 years. I have a baby of around 6 months. Me and my wife did not come together for almost 13-14 months as she was pregnant, and then had C-section and was in her parents house. When we tried three months ago, I was unable to maintain my erection. It was really disappointing for both of us. I searched many websites and got completely confused. I was also very scared to try anything as I don’t know what side effects will be there. I came across ForMen which was very clear and I felt was also genuine. I read all the information there and finally I ordered medicines and spoke to the doctor who reassured me and told me that what I am suffering from is very common and can be treated. I got the medicines in 3 days and I am using the medicines for 10 days now.

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