Quick Ways to Identify Mood Swings & Low Testosterone

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Women and men are both human beings, loaded with hormones, and have feelings and emotions too. So, why is it that we consider women being moody as normal but when men do, it’s a subject for discussion?

But since we are here, let’s talk about what causes moodiness in men.



Testosterone is not only the sex hormone but is also responsible for the way the brain functions. Studies have revealed that testosterone is one of the causes why men suffer from depression.

Yes, men suffer from depression too, unlike the common notion that only women suffer from depression.

Men, however, are unable to express it easily as society places excessive pressure on men to be role models and pillars of strength. It, in turn, leads men to believe that expressing their emotions or talking about how they feel will somehow make them look weak.

Men and women both have hormones and in both, their levels fluctuate. When the level of testosterone in the body falls, men experience mood swings, loss of libido, fatigue, and poor overall well-being.

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Now there are several reasons why this might happen. It could be lifestyle habits that affect testosterone levels, obesity, stress, or the onset of male menopause.

When men suffer from testosterone deficiency, it often also leads to Irritable Male Syndrome, which, if not addressed, can keep building inside and end with suicide or other forms of self-harm.

How to Identify Depression and Low Testosterone in Men


Each one of us leads extremely stressful lives these days and the nature of stress is quite different from what people faced earlier. These days men are worried about their jobs, their responsibilities to take care of their family, the safety of their loved ones, the future, their bosses and so much more.

This causes them to be stressed almost all the time, even on vacations! Eventually, the stress hormone in the body rises so much that the testosterone level starts dipping.

When cortisol in the body rises, the overall sense of well-being decreases and depression or anxiety kicks in. When men stay stressed for prolonged periods, they start lashing out at their partner or are so occupied that they do not have the headspace to enjoy the simple joys of life.

It is also logical that no one is chirpy if they are stressed about something that is important to them.


Now, obesity is another factor that does not serve anyone. It is simply the excessive fat that gets deposited all around and within the organs and prevents them from working at their optimum.

When the amount of fat in the body increases, testosterone gets converted into estrogen. This happens in both men and women. When this happens, the testosterone in the body starts falling and affects the state of mind as discussed earlier. Read more about how Obesity causes low testosterone.

Male Menopause

You heard it right. Men go through menopause as well and the term for it is andropause, where andro refers to males.

In fact, men face it quite earlier than women. In women, the menstrual cycles stop abruptly and create havoc in their system. However, for men, it starts as soon as they come closer to 40 and gradually increases with every year.

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In men, the testosterone level starts falling and by the time they reach their 60s, their testosterone level gets reduced by half. Although it might not happen to all men, and some men stay sexually active even into their 80s.

But, for men who do go through this phase, loss of sexual desire, irritability, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, development of breasts and loss of interest are some common issues.

When men start acting moody or cranky, it may often be diagnosed as irritable male syndrome that can be attributed directly to the level of testosterone in the male body.

Did you know that in just one hour, the testosterone levels in men fluctuate about 3-4 times? Like women, men also have monthly hormone cycles and the level of hormones in men is higher in the morning but lower in the evening.

According to the psychotherapist Jed Diamond, men live in denial that there is something within themselves, causing the mood swings.

They blame it on their bosses, wives, partners or other external factors. It’s probably because of the conditioning that men do not have feelings or the right to be moody.

Now, apart from the moodiness that is quite obvious, how else can you determine that the man question is suffering from a testosterone deficiency?

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • Loss of hair
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Loss of interest
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Irritability

If you feel that testosterone deficiency is affecting your relationships, work and other different areas of life, you might want to seek professional help.

You would require to talk to an andrologist for this who may ask for the results of some blood tests. Based on the severity of the deficiency, the doctor might suggest natural supplements, some testosterone therapies, and treatments.

Within a while of treatment, your friends, family and partners should start appreciating your better moods. So dear men, be aware, be happy and take your self and loved ones. 

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