Selenium: Role in Human Body and Men’s Health

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Selenium is an essential mineral, which must be obtained through diet. It is only needed in small amounts but plays a major role in important processes in your body, including metabolism, thyroid function and reproductive health. Selenium in combination with Vitamin E found to clinically improve sperm motility and morphology.

What Is Selenium?

Selenium is a mineral found in soil, water, and some foods. It is important for many body processes and metabolic pathways to function effectively.

It is necessary for many processes, such as:

  • Thyroid hormone metabolism
  • DNA synthesis
  • Reproduction and sperm health
  • Protection from infection

Health Benefits of Selenium

  • May protect against cardiovascular disease
  • Antioxidant which helps relieve Oxidative Stress
  • Important for Thyroid health
  • May help reduce Asthma symptoms
  • May fight against bacterial and viral infections and plays a role in Immunity
  • Supports vitality and sperm health

Selenium Rich Foods

Most of the selenium in the body comes from the diet. The amount of selenium in food depends on where it is grown or raised. Crab, liver, fish, poultry, and wheat are generally good selenium sources. The amount of selenium in soils varies a lot around the world, which means that the foods grown in these soils also have differing selenium levels(9). Supplements containing Selenium will help avoid dietary deficiency.

What are the Side Effects of Selenium?

Selenium is considered safe when taken orally in prescribed doses less than 400 mcg daily. 

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