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    “Good Product”

    “Good taste and good for health. I am taking Magnesium+ Zinc everyday for more than a month and my energy has improved. I had heart stenting last year. I used to get breathless after walking for 1 km. Now I am able to walk for 2 km also. My cardiologist has suggested that I continue this as it has correct dose that allows it to be taken everyday. He told me that its needed for heart muscle health.”


    “Superior, High Quality compounds”

    “I am a biochemist. I previously tried other company Magnesium and Zinc products and suffered from stomach upset and the taste was also very metallic. I was surprised when I went through the ingredients of ForMen company and saw that they were using superior compounds like Bisglycinate & Picolinate. The cheap and less bio-availability of magnesium in magnesium Oxide used by the other companies caused my bowel upset. Also the magnesium in Oxide form was only 4% absorbed in my body. Therefore, I strongly recommend a standard and genuine company like ForMen. ”

    A K Das


    “I have been having vague muscle and bone pains on and off for a long time. My doctor suggested to use Magnesium+zinc tablets every day. I am taking for the last 15 days. I do not have those vague pains anymore. ”


    “Great taste”

    “I have tried minerals and vitamin effervescent tablets before. All have a metallic taste probably because of inferior and cheap ingredients like Magnesium oxide etc. I really like the taste of ForMen Magnesium+ Zinc tablets. The colour of the drink is very pleasant too.”



    “I am very health and fitness conscious. I know the importance of electrolytes and the fact that most of us are deficient in it. I have tried the products of many companies. I liked the Magnesium + Zinc product of ForMen because, the doses are correct, the compounds used are better absorbed and the taste is really good. They are a genuine company.”


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    • Proven, effective & safe formula
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    Questions we often get

    What is wellness and why should I think about it?

    World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (illness).”  WHO defines wellness as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,”


    We need to live and enjoy our existence and not just survive. Do you want to feel tired all the time or energetic and happy all the time? Being well and focusing on wellness ( when you are not sick) will ensure that you do not fall sick or fall sick less often. 

    Why should I take supplements? I eat well everyday.

    Multiple studies all over the Globe have shown beyond doubt that the nutrients in our food are lesser, our stress levels are higher, infertility is increasing, obesity is increasing, sleep issues are increasing, environmental pollution is increasing and health is deteriorating over the past 2 decades. In this scenario, it is advisable to take supplements to keep well and prevent various problems. Diet is extremely important for good health. If you lead an extremely disciplined life with a perfect blend of healthy eating and healthy living then you may not need as many supplements. 

    Why are ForMen products superior?

    ForMen is led by a team of experienced & qualified doctors with more than 25 years of individual experience. The knowledge gained over years of medical training and seeing lakhs of patients is greatly valuable and priceless. They know extensively about health and disease, and are the best people to formulate products for you that work effectively. Their team sources extremely high quality ingredients and subjects them to extensive Lab testing and Quality checks so that the final product is very effective and as free form side-effects as possible. They also ensure that the product is almost completely absorbed into your body and not get excreted and wasted. Affordable wellness is also their goal. 

    When will I get my order?

    We dispatch your order on the same day that we receive it. Delivery may take between 3-5 days. Remote locations may need another couple of days more. 

    Why do we need Vitamin & Mineral supplements?

    Our body needs nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals to function effectively. With our present lifestyles, nutrient poor diet, stress, pollution etc, not only are we unable to eat nutrient rich food but also the foods that we consume are poor in nutrients, leading to a vicious cycle of hidden malnutrition.

    This makes us deficient in many essential micronutrients that cause harm to the body and make us function sub-optimally or fall sick and lower the quality of our life. Hence, it is largely suggested that you take dietary supplements to keep your mind & body healthy.

    Lots of other supplements in the market have high doses. Are they safe?

    The reason why supplements are called supplements & not medicines is that they are formulated in quantities and dosages, that meet the daily requirements according to RDA. (Recommended Dietary Allowances). Anything above these levels is called a medicine and should be taken in cases of moderate to severe deficiency, under medical supervision. There can be side effects of taking large doses 

    (doses more than RDA levels) daily. There are no significant additional benefits too, with the high doses. So be aware and beware of inappropriate dosages.

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