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    “Tried many products”

    “I have tried sleep teas and sleep / melatonin strips before. The teas din't work. The strips tasted horrible and gave uneven sleep with frequent awakenings in the night. I found that the Sleep+ gummies work best for me. I drift into sleep slowly over 30 min and dont get up in between. Feel refreshed in the morning.”


    “My doctor suggested”

    “Both my parents gave macular degeneration of eyes. I myself have thick glasses and have a Software job. My ophthalmologist suggested regular use of the Sharp Vision gummies for me and my parents. He said that te formula was very good for eyes. Taste is bit sweet, but nice. We are taking regularly.”


    “Great to prevent ageing of Eyes”

    “Good ingredients that protect from ageing changes in eyes. Difficult to get them only from diet. ”

    Dr Sadish

    “Needed for Diabetics”

    “I am a Diabetologist. The Sharp vision gummies are great for the eyes of Diabetics. It helps against Diabetic Retinopathy. Good combination. All my patients using the Eye gummies have given positive feedback.”



    “I use this product. It is genuine and good quality. Very comprehensive for Eye health of all ages. Good pricing also.”

    Dr Satyavel

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    • Proven, effective & safe formula
    • Developed by experienced doctors
    • Free shipping on orders above 300

    Questions we often get

    What is wellness and why should I think about it?

    World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (illness).”  WHO defines wellness as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,”


    We need to live and enjoy our existence and not just survive. Do you want to feel tired all the time or energetic and happy all the time? Being well and focusing on wellness ( when you are not sick) will ensure that you do not fall sick or fall sick less often. 

    Why should I take supplements? I eat well everyday.

    Multiple studies all over the Globe have shown beyond doubt that the nutrients in our food are lesser, our stress levels are higher, infertility is increasing, obesity is increasing, sleep issues are increasing, environmental pollution is increasing and health is deteriorating over the past 2 decades. In this scenario, it is advisable to take supplements to keep well and prevent various problems. Diet is extremely important for good health. If you lead an extremely disciplined life with a perfect blend of healthy eating and healthy living then you may not need as many supplements. 

    Is Immunity really that important?

    The Immune system protects you from various infections. Wondered why few people are always sick and weak, while others are always healthy, energetic and happy. That’s because of the difference in their Immune systems. Stronger your immunity,  the lesser you will fall sick and faster is the recovery. Immune system requires few vital vitamins, minerals and a host of enzymes to function well and produce as many Immune cells and antibodies as required. It is vital that you get these nutrients either through diet or supplements.

    Why are ForMen products superior?

    ForMen is led by a team of experienced & qualified doctors with more than 25 years of individual experience. The knowledge gained over years of medical training and seeing lakhs of patients is greatly valuable and priceless. They know extensively about health and disease, and are the best people to formulate products for you that work effectively. Their team sources extremely high quality ingredients and subjects them to extensive Lab testing and Quality checks so that the final product is very effective and as free form side-effects as possible. They also ensure that the product is almost completely absorbed into your body and not get excreted and wasted. Affordable wellness is also their goal. 

    When will I get my order?

    We dispatch your order on the same day that we receive it. Delivery may take between 3-5 days. Remote locations may need another couple of days more. 

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