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Erection Tablets is an FDA approved allopathic, oral medicine that is effective in treating erection. It is a prescription drug, which has to be taken only on Doctors advice, in the prescribed dosage.

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  • Erection Capsules enhances the blood flow to the male reproductive organs and helps in adequate erections.
  • Effect may last up to 24 to 36 hours.
  • Helps achieve good erections when aroused.
  • Take 1 tablet orally with a glass of water, or as per the Physician’s recommendation.
  • Recommended to be taken 45 to 60 mins before action is desired.
  • Erection Tablets & Sild Tablets should not be taken together.
  • Do remember that you have to be aroused / in the mood, for either Sild Tablets or Erection Tablets to achieve an erection.
  • Give the required adequate time for the medicine to work. Don’t hurry and get disappointed.
  • Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. Some men may respond after usage for a few times.
  • It has been noted that Erection Tablets and other similar drugs may not work for a small percentage of people. If that is the case, it is advisable to visit a doctor and check for other medical conditions, and to discuss other modes of treatment.

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    “Saved me!!”

    “Got married last month. I was having Erection problems and I was very scared to go on Honeymoon. My doctor told me take 1 tErection tablet everyday one hour before going to bed during the honeymoon. I was so surprised, I got strong erections. I was so happy. Thank a lot. U saved my izzat.”


    “Good Information”

    “I really loved their Blog. Simple and well written articles. I like the website too. One of the best ones that I have seen in recent times. No over promising and necessary twisted facts. The content is simple and direct. I a using two of their products and am happy with them. ”



    “Loved the medicine. Worked as promised for me. I took approximately one hour before. Helped me till next day also. ”



    “First time it did not work for me. When I called the ForMen team, they explained me that, the mood or stimulation also must be there for the medicine to work. Just like that no drug will cause erections when there is no mood. Second time, i tried it when I actually had the mood and wow, it worked so we. They are good company who are concerned and explain very well.”


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    What does the doctor say!

    Erectile issues (Erectile Dysfunction) in men are quite common and can be seen in any age group. There can be multiple causes most of which are treatable. The treatment approach should be holistic and wholesome. Lifestyle modifications, supplements and allopathic medicines, all have their role to play based on the cause of the problem.


    Dr. Mohammed Viquasuddin

    Safe & Trusted.
    Quality is our priority.

    Certified manufacturing facilities. Ethically Conscious. Allergen-Free Products.

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