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Lean+ capsules boost metabolism and help in reducing fat production, storage. Reduces hunger and helps burn calories.

Lack of sleep and stress can also cause weight gain. So sleep well with Sleep+ gummies and destress with De-Stress+ capsules in order to quicken your weight loss journey.

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Lean+: Boosts metabolism and burn calories. Reduces hunger, fat production and storage. 

Sleep+: Good sleep aids weight loss. Sleep+ gummies help you sleep quickly and deeply with a refreshed feeling next morning.

De-Stress+: Stress causes weight gain. De-Stress capsules help reduce stress, anxiety and makes you feel calm.

  • Take 2 capsules of Lean+ everyday, one in the morning and one in the evening after food.
  • Take 2 capsules of De-Stress+ everyday, one in the morning and one in the evening after food.
  • 1-2 Sleep+ gummies to be taken 30-60 minutes before bed time.

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    “I am using the weight loss kit from one and half month after I hit a weight loss plateau. Combination of sleeping better, reduced stress and taking metabolism booster has again started my weight loss. I am more enthusiastic and encouraged now to achieve ideal weight.”


    “Glad i found it”

    “I am glad I found this company. I am using their Weight loss kit and Perform capsules. I am also avoiding sweets and started brisk walking. I am seeing slow and steady improvement in my weight loss as well as in my performance. Thank you.”


    “Loosing weight”

    “I had gained lots of weight in last 1 year. Just dieting and walking is not helping. I tied the weight loss kit. It has boosted my metabolism and i am starting to loose weight. The sleep+ gummies are awesome. I never slept so well. The destress capsules have surely helped me stay calm and probably the reduced levels of stress hormone have also helped me loosing weight. ”


    What does the doctor say!

    Weight loss is holistic involving diet, activity and positive mental state. Excessive stress leads to increased stress hormone levels that cause weight gain and hinder your weight loss attempts. Sleeping well promotes ideal weight.

    To maintain ideal weight it is important that we consume low-calorie, nutrient rich diet, get at least 30 minutes of activity everyday, remain stress-free and sleep well.

    Dr. Chaitanya Gali

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    All our products undergo stringent quality control checks.

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