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Sharp Vision Gummies – Helps protect against eye strain, headaches and early onset of vision impairment by providing vital nutrients that the eye needs.

Sleep+ is a tasty and sugar-free gummy. It is a unique blend of Melatonin , Vitamins B1-B6, B12, Vit C , E and scientifically proven calming herbal extracts like Chamomile, Lavender & Valerian Root which help in quicker & deeper sleep.

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Formen Refresh Kit Benefits

Sleep+: It helps you sleep faster & better and helps you wake up refreshed.

Sharp Vision Gummies: Protects eyes against harmful blue light from screens like TV, laptop & Mobile and removes harmful free radicles that damage the eyes.

Formen Refresh Kit Dosage

  • 1/2 Sharp Vision gummies per day
  • Take 1 Sleep+ gummy 30- 40 minutes before bedtime. 2 gummies can also be taken if needed. Avoid screen time post consumption.

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Formen Refresh Kit Reviews

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    What does the doctor say!

    Sleep is extremely important for overall well-being of the body, improper/ disturbed sleep can lead to varied mental and physical health issues. It is very important for an adult to have atleast 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep. This can be achieved either through relaxation techniques or use fo supplements.

    There has been a significant deterioration of eye health in the past few years because of poor nutrition and increased screen-times. It is very important that the eye receives the nutrients it needs either in the form of food or supplements.


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