How Does Exercise and Yoga Help to Improve Your Sexual Life?

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How Does Exercise and Yoga Help to Improve Your Sexual Life?

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good.

The same principle applies to exercise and sex. When you exercise, you start feeling good about yourself. You look good and feel good. Exercise helps boost your self-esteem and directly affects the way you perform in bed.

How Does Exercise Help Sexually?

Of course, we aren’t talking about exercising just once before a date to look pumped up. We are talking about regular, consistent, regimented workouts. Research shows that men and women who exercise regularly show higher levels and frequencies of arousal than those who don’t. Now, let’s see how exercise help sexually.

Physical Activity Reduces Stress

While some exercises help in improving pelvic strength and reproductive performance, we are talking about consistent physical activity. Exercise could mean anything like walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, playing outdoors, cycling, going to gym daily, etc. We refer to adequate physical activity, which gets your heart rate up.

Working Out Improves Blood Circulation

When you exercise, the circulation of blood in the body increases and reaches every part of the body. So, this might be a delight for runners that the increased blood flow that you experience after running might be beneficial and prevent erectile dysfunction. It applies to all forms of activities where you get the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

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Cardiovascular Exercises Reduce Cholesterol

Cardiovascular exercise also helps reduce cholesterol and reduce blockage in the arteries, facilitating smoother blood flow. All of these act in favor of anyone who might see symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

Another cause of erectile dysfunction is stress. Prolonged periods of stress increase the level of the stress hormone in the body called cortisol that in turn reduces the levels of testosterone, the sex hormone.

When you exercise, there is an adrenaline rush and the level of cortisol in the body starts falling. The testosterone levels also increase as a result of regular workouts. This, in turn, reduces the stress and increases libido in men as well as women.

Elevates The Mood

Exercise is said to elevate the mood by releasing the feel-good hormone’s endorphins. Doesn’t it sound logical that exercise would help improve sexual performance? Only that it is not only logical but also backed by science.

Exercise also has a positive effect on reducing depression and anxiety in people. When you feel good in your head, your interest in almost all activities starts getting restored. The same applies to sex, when you feel good, you do good.

However, over-exercising can also be detrimental. Research shows that men who exercised vigorously throughout the week, without any rest, and overworked themselves, felt tired and stressed. When you over-exercise, the testosterone levels again start dipping. Testosterone is directly related to sexual desire and performance.

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Now, cardio is not the only type of exercise that we are talking about. You may be someone who loves strength training or yoga. Each form of physical activity has positive effects on your sex life.

Yoga Helps to Sex Better

If you are someone who loves to do yoga, you are probably more flexible than most. It can prevent bedroom injuries caused by bending the wrong way and also makes you more flexible to try some unusual acrobatic moves with your partner.

If you are someone who has been lifting weights and strengthening your muscles for hours each week in the gym, muscle strength can help you try some moves that involve lifting your partner. It helps spice up your intimate life and all the added benefits of exercise as mentioned above will directly improve the way you perform in the bedroom.

Bottom Line

Any form of physical activity will always do good for your body. It will improve the way you feel, thereby improving your overall well-being. Sometimes, exercising might help cure most medical conditions that you currently take medication for.

However, not all types of activity might be the best for you. If you suffer from pains in different parts of the body or take medications for chronic illnesses, it would be best to consult your doctor before you take up something new.

Also, ensure you do not put excessive strain on your body and mind. Exercising is meant to make you feel good. If that does happen and you feel uneasy, it probably doesn’t suit you and your body is asking you to stop right away.

Are you convinced about why you should start exercising? If yes, try today itself and share your comments in the below comments section.

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