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The type of underwear one prefers is very subjective and is completely a decision of what one feels more comfortable with. However, the wrong type of underwear could be detrimental to the reproductive health of both men and women.

While for men, underwear help maintain an alignment and reduces the risk of injuries that zippers can cause, constrictive underwear that leaves marks could indicate that you haven’t found the perfect fit.

How Tight Underwear Effects Male?

Now, let’s discuss three main reasons why men should never wear tight underwear.

1. Reduces Blood Circulation

When you wear tight underwear, the blood circulation gets reduced due to the tight elastic. It can reduce the blood flow to the penis and testicles and also to your thighs. Less blood flow to the penis can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). Blood flow to testicles can also be compromised.

2. Increases the Chance of Infections

When we wear tight clothing and move around, we sweat more than usual, and the sweat gets trapped in the folds of our skin. While sweat itself contains bacteria, the trapped moisture causes the build-up of bacteria that can lead to different types of infections.

Tight underwear also restricts the flow of air that causes the area to be damp for longer times. It often causes a foul smell which may be very off-putting and might creep onto the clothes you wear.

If you perform any physical activity wearing tight underwear that causes your underwear to get wet or damp, it may lead to rashes and increased friction which can, in turn, lead to chaffing and cuts.

It is also easy to get cut while manscaping, and when your cuts stay open but do not get the ventilation to heal, bacteria build up and can cause infections. Further, it may be quite painful to wear tight underwear that will definitely rub on the open cut and delay healing.

3. Affects Sperm Health

Studies have shown that people who wear tight underwear generally have more fragmented DNA and abnormal sperm health while compared to those who don’t. It is mainly because the tight underwear elevates the temperature of the scrotum, similar to when men place laptops on their laps or take hot water baths.

High temperatures can cause affect sperm count, morphology, and vitality significantly. It is probably why your testicles are outside your body so that they remain cooler than the rest of the body.

Apart from these reasons mentioned, constrictive underwear can be uncomfortable and cause increased friction. It can cause chaffing and discomfort that can last for days. Often men planning to father children prefer loose boxers that offer comfort as well as airflow.

Effect of Tight Underwear on Sperm Count

A study published recently in the journal of Human Reproduction has found lowered sperm count in people who chose to wear tight-fitting undergarments.

Male infertility contributes to about half of all cases when a couple can’t conceive. Most often, it is caused by a problem with the sperm itself, such as a low sperm count, poor motility (non-active or slow-moving sperm), or abnormally shaped sperm.

For couples who are trying to conceive, fertility is an issue which is of course linked to low sperm count. Very often, doctors suggest that something as simple as changing the underwear can improve the circumstances and improve the chances of conceiving. Ideally, the testicles are outside the body in the male reproductive organ system so that they are at a lower temperature than the core body temperature. Heat can really mess up the chances here and turns out that wearing briefs at all times can overheat the testes. Hence, clearly there is an implication of the tight underwear side effects.

Does Tight Underwear Affect ED?

While boxers or briefs have never been directly linked to ED, tight underwear is related to infertility, as it can interfere with the right temperature for good sperm maturation.

Men can develop ED from wearing tight underwear myth came about due to the knowledge that wearing tight underwear raises the temperature of the testicles, this has no association with ED.

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Effect of Not Wearing Underwear for Guys?

With infertility among men on a rise, did you ever think that a man’s choice of wearing or not wearing underwear could be playing folly with his sperms? Yes, whether he wears a boxer or brief, or no underwear at all, it is not about comfort alone.

There’s a lot of support for ditching underwear altogether so here are two main reasons you should keep wearing underwear instead.

You’ll Less Likely Suffer from Chafing Down There

Chafing is a skin irritation that occurs when skin repeatedly rubs against skin or clothes. You’re putting yourself at risk of irritating your boys every time you go commando. The fabric of your pants, jeans, or shorts could be abrasive to your groin. Such clothes aren’t usually designed to be particularly gentle on this sensitive body part, unlike underwear.

You’ll Less Likely Suffer from Crotch Rot

Crotch rot is a skin infection caused by wearing tight or wet clothes. As long as you keep yours clean, wearing underwear reduces your risk of getting crotch rot. Underwear absorbs sweat well, unlike pants, jeans, and shorts in general, keeping your boys dry.

How to Choose the Right Underwear?

  • Take measurements first so you do not buy the wrong size that may be too tight or too loose for you.
  • Consider your build and choose the right shape of underwear for you so that there are no bulges.
  • Choose a material that you feel most comfortable wearing. Steer clear of satins or silks.
  • Prefer those that offer the best ventilation such as boxers.

Always wear clean underwear every day and maintain good grooming. Have a bath every day and clean your nether regions with a good intimate wash and pat dry. Possibly do not wear underwear to sleep at night to promote good blood circulation.

With these few steps, you can ensure that your sperm will be in good condition and so will your personal hygiene be.


It’s a fact that overheating the testicles can result in impaired sperm production, and it is also true that the ideal temperature for sperm production is slightly lower than core body temperature.

A few studies on a limited number of subjects support the belief that tight-fitting underwear can cause enough of a temperature increase to impair sperm development and production.

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