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“Nothing but Amazing”

“This product is nothing but Amazing, In few days after i started taking DeStress+, during the day my mood feels better and improved my concentration at work. In the mornings i feel a sense of calmness and mental clarity.”

Mallikarjun G

“Deep Sleep”

“I am so stressed out with work from home for last few months. Killing me. I started taking DeStress+ and Sleep + for last 3 weeks as most of my colleagues are taking. I am actually feeling calmer and able to sleep as soon as I am in bed. I always believed that high quality natural medicines are always better than chemicals. I have used a lot of junk available on the internet before, but left them as they did not work. The De-stress and Sleep + are actually helping me.”


“Makes me feel good also”

“I am 24 years and am getting married in February 2021. I am having erection problems and I tried many medicines and did lot of research. Nothing worked well and I was so sad. I also saw formen website and thought I will ty this out also. Somehow I got confidence when I spoke to the doctor and took perform plus as he suggested. I felt nothing in first 2 weeks, but slowly started seeing little improvement in 3 weeks. Am 40% better. I am hoping to get at least 90% better. There are no side effects at all and I will continue to take it, as it makes me feel good also.”

Chandrashekar Swamy

“This product is very good and is working.”

“I have very little facial hair. I got my hormone test, which came as low testosterone. I wanted to try natural ways to increase my hormones. This product is very good and is working. I am using for last two months.”


“I am very happy.”

“My semen test came that my sperms are not moving well, low motility. I wanted to try natural remedies and tried genesis+. I took it for 2 months and gave the test again. The result is much better. I am very happy.”


“Cravings reduced”

“My cravings for sweets before bedtime has gone now.”


“I took capsules”

“I thought I was having erection problem and get excited very fast. When I discusses with the doctor, he told me that I have problem of premature ejaculation. I spoke to the psychology doctor also. I took the capsules and am seeing that I am able to hold on for little longer. I am sure that I will feel better with continued treatment.”


“Desire increasing”

“I hate work from home. I lost all interest in office work and home as I am always at home working. I was feeling very irritated and lost all interest in sexual life. I started arguing with my wife for small things. My elder brother told me to use DeStress and Energy capsules so that I will calm down and also get interest in my wife. I dint believe him, but anyway ordered them so that atleast my wife will think that I am trying. To my surprise, I actually started to feel better in 2 weeks of taking them. I am more calm now and my desire is also increasing slowly. No side effects at all.”


“Feel calm”

“I was under a lot of stress because of covid.Was getting angry for everything. My friend tole me to take this product. I am taking for 25 days till now. I feel more calm now.”


“. I feel energetic”

“My uncle is a doctor. He told me to take genesis, just like a vitamin every day as we were having difficulty in having a baby and my sperm count was a bit low. No side effects. I feel energetic & I think there is a slight increase in my sperm count comparatively.”

Virinder Chauhan

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