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“Nothing but Amazing”

“This product is nothing but Amazing, In few days after i started taking DeStress+, during the day my mood feels better and improved my concentration at work. In the mornings i feel a sense of calmness and mental clarity.”

Mallikarjun G

“Deep Sleep”

“I am so stressed out with work from home for last few months. Killing me. I started taking DeStress+ and Sleep + for last 3 weeks as most of my colleagues are taking. I am actually feeling calmer and able to sleep as soon as I am in bed. I always believed that high quality natural medicines are always better than chemicals. I have used a lot of junk available on the internet before, but left them as they did not work. The De-stress and Sleep + are actually helping me.”


“Makes me feel good also”

“I am 24 years and am getting married in February 2021. I am having erection problems and I tried many medicines and did lot of research. Nothing worked well and I was so sad. I also saw formen website and thought I will ty this out also. Somehow I got confidence when I spoke to the doctor and took perform plus as he suggested. I felt nothing in first 2 weeks, but slowly started seeing little improvement in 3 weeks. Am 40% better. I am hoping to get at least 90% better. There are no side effects at all and I will continue to take it, as it makes me feel good also.”

Chandrashekar Swamy

“This product is very good and is working.”

“I have very little facial hair. I got my hormone test, which came as low testosterone. I wanted to try natural ways to increase my hormones. This product is very good and is working. I am using for last two months.”


“I am very happy.”

“My semen test came that my sperms are not moving well, low motility. I wanted to try natural remedies and tried genesis+. I took it for 2 months and gave the test again. The result is much better. I am very happy.”


“Cravings reduced”

“My cravings for sweets before bedtime has gone now.”


“I took capsules”

“I thought I was having erection problem and get excited very fast. When I discusses with the doctor, he told me that I have problem of premature ejaculation. I spoke to the psychology doctor also. I took the capsules and am seeing that I am able to hold on for little longer. I am sure that I will feel better with continued treatment.”


“Desire increasing”

“I hate work from home. I lost all interest in office work and home as I am always at home working. I was feeling very irritated and lost all interest in sexual life. I started arguing with my wife for small things. My elder brother told me to use DeStress and Energy capsules so that I will calm down and also get interest in my wife. I dint believe him, but anyway ordered them so that atleast my wife will think that I am trying. To my surprise, I actually started to feel better in 2 weeks of taking them. I am more calm now and my desire is also increasing slowly. No side effects at all.”


“Feel calm”

“I was under a lot of stress because of covid.Was getting angry for everything. My friend tole me to take this product. I am taking for 25 days till now. I feel more calm now.”


“. I feel energetic”

“My uncle is a doctor. He told me to take genesis, just like a vitamin every day as we were having difficulty in having a baby and my sperm count was a bit low. No side effects. I feel energetic & I think there is a slight increase in my sperm count comparatively.”

Virinder Chauhan

“I am feeling very good”

“I have lost interest in sexual life because of stress and problems. My maama suggested that i should use this product and deStress. I ordered both and am taking for 28 days now. I am feeling very good and feel desire again.”


“Good people formen”

“Nenu phone chesinappudu chala baga artamuchesukuni matladaru. nalugu bottles thesukunnanu. moodu roojullo, tella cover lo vacchindi. Side effect ami ledu. mandulu naaku panichesuthunnayani anipinsthundi.”

Raheshwara Rao

“Work from home is easy”

“Working from home for last 8 months, has been very stressful. Am working longer hours than before with no outdoor activity. Kids playing in the house and shouting and fighting has put me on an edge. I browsed for some natural de stress tablets and found this product. Lot of other websites also had natural products for calmness, but after talking to them, I felt them to be superior and genuine, so I bought it. I am using for last 16 days, and it actually made me calmer. I ordered another 2 bottles for my father also.”

Bharath Raj Gopal

“I am using this product for last 1 month”

“I am using this product for last 1 month. I am feeling good and my problem showed early result. My close friend who is an ayurveda doctor saw the medicines and told me that they will work as the combination is good. I am happy i ordered them.”

Rama Rao


“I was a bit sceptic when i ordered this. But, I was very surprised when I took it. Worked so correctly. I ordered Endure also so that i will be able to improve my timing permanently.”


“I am feeling more calm”

“I am feeling more calm now and have reduced getting irritated with everyone.”


“Best sleep gummies”

“Falling asleep was my biggest problem. I toss around in bed for atleast 1 hour before i fall asleep. I have tried many products, but like these sleep gummies best.”


“Sleep+ is good”

“Falling asleep was always difficult for me. I used to sleep at 3 am and wake up at 7 am feeling drowsy. After using the sleep+ gummies I am feeling more fresh in the morning and am able to sleep by 11 pm.”


“Worked for my father”

“My father who is 80 years old ,has been having difficulty in falling asleep for the last few years. He has tried lot of pills and other methods but none seemed to help much. He also tried out the Sleep + gummies and they are helping him fall asleep quickly.”



“The sleep + gummies have worked for me. To be able to fall asleep quickly is a real blessing. Thanks to the doctors who made this. ”


“Good product”

“My father is elderly and suffers from inability to sleep. He tosses around in bed for 2-3 hours before he can sleep. We tried sleep gummies and to all our surprise he immediately started sleeping in 3-45 min after taking them. Sleep is also undisturbed. We are all so relieved to see him sleep comfortably.”

Sai Kiran

“Happy customer”

“I am writing this review because I am so happy. I am a frequent traveller and spend most nights in hotels. I can never sleep well in new places and get up so many times in the night. I took sleep gummies, and wow…i now fall asleep within 30 min and also do not get up inbetween.”


“I recommend this product and company.”

“I have waited for 2 months to give this review. I have the problem of early ejaculation for many years. I have tried many natural products. I use Dapoxitine whenever I need it and my immediate problem is solved. I wanted something which will heal me from within. Endure + from Formen company gave me improvement. I recommend this product and company.”


“My muscles are slowly bulking up.”

“I am exercising and eating lots of protein, but not able to get good muscles. I tried this product on advise of my gym instructor as my testosterone may be low. No side effects. My muscles are slowly bulking up.”



“I am 21 years old and have thyroid problem. Doctor tested all my hormones and said that I have low testosterone also. I was scared to take any hormone injections. So i checked on the internet and bought this product. It proved to be very effective and i have no side effects also.”

Vishnu Karthik


“These guys know what they are doing. Selenium, Boron , magnesium etc for Sperms. I am a Biotech guy and researched the process of Sperm formation and minerals needed. I am impressed. Keep it up. We need more trust worthy & knowledge based brands like you. Respect. I bought a 6 months supply as me and my wife are planning for a child by year end.”



“I have tried many products over the last 3 years. Nothing worked. I thought that ill try this brand too, as I have nothing much to loose. After using Preform+ for 25 days, I started to actually feel the change. I was elated. I ordered another 3 bottles and will continue to use regularly. Thank you.”


“Good and genuine product”

“Good and genuine product”


“Great supplement”

“I think this is a great supplement for all men who want to be fathers in the future. I am taking it as a daily multivitamin. I am feeling more energetic and positive in general too.”


“Feeling more active”

“I am 44yrs and starting having low libido with no feeling of desire for a few months. I actively wanted to improve the quality of my life and stated using energy+ on the advice of my doctor. I really am feeling more active and game for great nightlife again.”


“Worked well for me”

“Worked well for me. My time increased from 5 sec to almost 45 sec. Helped me better than the other sprays that I had used before.”

Bhavin yadav

“Just Superb.”

“Just Superb. I fell asleep in 30 min and got up at my usual time. Felt so rested and relaxed after a long time.”

Madhusudan Acharya

“Easy to use”

“Very easy to use, and can easily be put in the pocket. Loved it”

Vinay pathak

“Genuine product”

“Genuine product. Love it. Ordered again.”


“No side effect”

“Took it on the advice of my Gym instructor. Saw result in my muscle mass. No side effect”


“Sleep and Stress free”

“My father who was always healthy and worked hard, recently got a sudden brain stroke. The doctors said that it was stress related, as he did not have any problem like sugar or BP. He is at home recovering and taking De Stress capsules and also the Sleep+ gummy to get a good sleep. Me and my uncles are also taking the capsules as we also have a lot of daily stress in business and dont want to take any risk. We realized that nothing is more precious than health.”

Jai Kumar

“Delay+ spray worked for me”

“Other company spray that I used did not help me. Delay+ spray worked for me. Thank you”

Tejpal Lokamanya

“Correct sensation level.”

“Good one. Correct sensation level. Not too much, not too less”

Sudipto Roy

“Thank you ForMen”

“My father in law has Parkinson's problem and was always not able to sleep well. My wife found out Sleep gummies from her friend, whose father was taking them. Now my Father in law is able to sleep within 30-40 min after chewing a gummy. Thank you.”

Amitha B

“I feel better”

“I have been using these capsules on the advice of my Psychologist friend. I feel much better now. ”


“Lean+ for 45 days now”

“I have been using Lean+ capsules along with my regular diet and exercise for the last 45 days. I have lost fat and my muscle mass increased. Looks like my body has kickstarted my weight loss journey.”

Binu George

“Feels good.”

“I had low interest and less libido for last year. I started using energy + for a couple of weeks. Slowly my desire seems to be increasing and so is my general wellness levels. Feels good.”



“I have been taking for last 2 months. Seeing improvement.”

Seeing improvement.

“Quite happy”

“My 72 year old father had a Knee replacement surgery a mont ago and was not able to sleep because of pain. We dint want to give sleeping tablets as he has other fits and BP issues. We gave him the sleep gummy and he was able to sleep really quickly and undisturbed. He is quite happy now and uses them when he needs.”

Gaurav Agrawal

“DeStress capsules”

“I am the typical stressed out hyper ‘Angry Young man’. I cant believe that I am feeling so much better after using these natural DeStress capsules.”

Revanth Reddy

“Real value for money”


“Real value for money”


“Reproductive health”

“ I am 35 years and getting married next month. My fiancee is 30 years. We want to have a baby soon, because of our age. My doctor advised me to use genesis everyday, like a Vitamin for reproductive health. Its good, my energy has also improved.”


“Very focussed product”

“I am a nutritionist. I researched each and every ingredient used in this product, before ordering it. Very focussed product to improve sperm health. Great job. I am taking everyday as I am having a bit low sperm count.”



“I am 58 years. I have been using the Energy+ capsules on the recommendation of my Urologist, to improve the levels of my male hormones. I feel more energetic now.”


“Helped me”

“This product helped me. Came for a longer time also as compared to other sprays that I had used before, of same ml.”

Jagadishwar Prasad

“Much effective”

“This had a much better effect than the tablets I was using previously.”


“Best spray”

“My doctor friend who uses this product told me that it is much better than other similar sprays, because it contains Lidocaine and Prilocaine which makes it more effective. I am satisfied with it.”

Azad Khan

“Good to see”

“Good to see such a focussed and genuine product on the Indian market. I am using this as my daily vitamin.”


“It has no steroids.”

“Good product. Really works, because it is made by doctors. It has no steroids. Some products contain steroids in the form of DHEA, so look at the ingredients when you buy.”


“Good product. I recommend it.”

“Good product. I recommend it.”

Manav U


“My father is 82 years old and is a diabetic. He fell down and broke his hip recently. He had surgery and is on bedrest now. He gets very restless and is not able to sleep at night because of pain. The doctor advised him to use the Sleep+ gummies. He now takes one gummy at 9.30 pm and is fast asleep by 10 pm. He sleeps well through out the night and gets up at his usual time at 6 am. I am very thankful for this product.”


“I am quite happy”

“I am quite happy with the product and their service. Good company”


“Tastes great!”

“Tastes great, doesn’t stick to teeth. Fell asleep in 30 min, best, genuine product amongst all the supplements that I have used till now.”

Mehul Shah


“I treat male infertility. I am giving this supplement to almost all the fathers that I see in my practise. Its a good product with all nutrients needed for sperm formation. I recommend it.”

Dr Shiva

“Gentle and minimal”

“Gentle and minimal decrease in sensation, that allowed me to go on for another 30 sec.”

Manjeet Kaur

“Using for 2 months now”

“I have developed borderline high BP recently. My cardiologist told me it is due to stress and to try walking and use De Stress capsules before he starts any medicine. I have been using for last one month and my BP is now normal.”


“Helped me.”

“These capsules helped me.”


“Much better”

“Much better than the previous capsules that I used to take ”


“Very happy with product”

“The Sleep+ gummies are very effective and best available I feel. Very happy with the product. I think when there is a safe good and non-addictive way to sleep , why not take it and sleep happily, instead of worrying and loosing health.”

Atul Mishra

“Permanent Customer!”

“Sleep + gummies now have a permanent place on my bedside table. I take one on those days that I am not able to fall asleep.”


“Useful for me”

“I do weekly shifts day and night duties. Use it next day of night shift. Very useful for me.”

Aman Rastogi

“It was good”

“It was good. Had the effect well.”

Shailendra Reddy

“This helped me kickstart”

“I was at a plateau in my weight loss journey. I was stuck at a 81 kilos and not loosing. The Lean+ capsules helped me kickstart the weight loss journey and made me feel energetic again. ”



“First month, i just took them without any effort from my side. Second month I started walking an avoiding sugars. The rate of weight loss per week is faster than what i used to achieve before.”

Mohit Bhandari

“So far so good”

“Planning for child in 6 months. I am taking everyday, as I want to be healthy and have a healthy baby. Feeling energetic also. No side effects or anything. ”


“Worked for me”

“Worked for me. I spoke to their team and they helped me a lot with placing order also. Using since 2 months. Slow but sure improvement is there in my timing now. Somehow I am feeling more confident also. I recommend this product.”


“2 months”

“I have noticed mild improvement after using for 2 months.”


“No hormone problems.”

“Natural testosterone booster is good. No hormone problems. No chemicals. I am using from 45 days. No side effects also. Feeling energetic.”

Raghuveer Dhrv


“I like the product”


“Very Usefull”

“Very useful product. I recommend”


“Increased my timing”

“I had problem of no control and ejaculating very quickly. Nothing helped me. I spoke to ForMen doctor and tried Endure and Dapoxetine both. Dapoxetine helped immediately and by taking endure now for almost more than 2 months I am seeing improvement and am not taking Dapoxetine now. Body got used to increased timing now. I am very happy. No other side effects also.”


“Good improvement”

“I am young, but have problem of early ejaculation. I could not keep my partner happy. I started taking Endure capsules, reduced smoking and also started exercising as told by their doctor. I am able to hold on for extra one minute now and feel more in control. There is no tension now.”


“Slow and Steady”

“I am using the endure capsules and Delay+ spray. Really helped me. My control on time has improved very well. The Delay+spray effect was also good, only mild decrease in sensation, so I was able to stay for almost 3-4 min. Not costly also. I bought for third time now.”

Joginder Rao

“Very much needed now”

“My doctor suggested all of us to use Vitamen C, D and Zinc t get as much protection as possible. This product has other good things also which add to the protection. Very affordable also.Thank you”


“All in one Capsule”

“Previously my family used to take Vitamin C and Zinc separately. Now both as well as other immune boosters are all available in this 1 capsule. Easier to take and light on the pocket.”

Venkat Reddy

“Really needed”

“Really helpful product. Used another product last week, it had so much overdose that I felt nauseated. No nausea or over dose with this Vit C,D and Zinc capsules.”



“Many people in my community got Covid. I recovered faster and had very less weakness as compared to others. I think it is because of taking this Vit C, D and Zinc capsules, they have made my immunity strong.”


“No side effects”

“I had lot of stomach pain with another product having similar ingredients. My father bought ForMen VitC, D and Zinc tablets and told me to try. I did not have any problem with these capsules. When i compared doses, I saw that the previous product had overdose of Zinc, that is why I had stomach pain. I recommend this product. It is good and safe.”


“Better be safe”

“I cant afford hospital bills. I want to be as safe as possible and escape with no infection or mild infection. My doctor told me to take ForMen company Vit C,D and Zinc capsules as it has other minerals and herbs also - Better protection. My wife and children are also taking everyday.”



“My sperm count is less. Lots of pressure from family to have children. I heard about Genesis capsules from my friend. I spoke to their doctor. He also advised me to reduce smoking and do some exercise. My recent Sperm test showed improvement.”


“Happy i found Vit C, D Zinc capsules”

“Accha capsules hai. I got Covid and recovered fast. Others in my family did not get. Thank god.”



“I was so scared that my father may go to hospital after getting Covid. On the doctors advise we gave antibiotics, Vit C,D and Zinc capsules and lots of fluids. Thankfully he recovered fast. The vitamins and Tulsi and Ginger in this product has surely helped him recover.”


“Best capsules”

“I researched extensively regarding Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Selenium. I found that the ForMen company capsules have the most essential vitamins and herbs in correct doses as per ICMR recommendations. No other company has Selenium and natural herbs also in it. That is why I chose these capsules. The are also affordable. All my family members are taking this capsules everyday. ”


“Worthy capsules”

“The capsules are worthy. They helped my uncle recover fast. He advised all of us also to start using. ”


“Wonderful capsules”

“Good capsules to boost immunity. Very much necessary now in this scary pandemic. I want to be as strong as possible and as less sick as possible.”


“I recommend it”

“First, I was scared to use it. The ForMen team answered my calls whenever I had doubt. After using first time, i was really surprised at the result. It was great”


“Great for early ejaculation problem”

“I am taking Dapoxetine whenever I need. It has really increased my timing. I am very happy and relieved.”


“Regular customer”

“I have been buying Dapoxetine regularly from ForMen for the past 6 months. Great team and great product. Very good service.”



“I have interacted many times with their Medical associate and Doctors. Good and trusted people. Genuine products.”



“First time it did not work for me. When I called the ForMen team, they explained me that, the mood or stimulation also must be there for the medicine to work. Just like that no drug will cause erections when there is no mood. Second time, i tried it when I actually had the mood and wow, it worked so we. They are good company who are concerned and explain very well.”



“Loved the medicine. Worked as promised for me. I took approximately one hour before. Helped me till next day also. ”


“Parents love it”

“My father is 74 and has sleep issues. He goes to bed at around 10 pm and cant sleep till 2 am. Very distressing for him. He has diabetes and mild Parkinsons problem. His doctor advised Sleep+ gummies. Now he is sleeping by 10.30 pm. All of us are very happy. Because of good sleep, he is more active in day time also. He is using since 1 month now. Thank you to ForMen and the doctor.”


“Greatfull to ForMen”

“We are a joint family. My uncle who is 65 years recently recovered from Covid. He was having sleep issues after coming back from hospital. He could not sleep and was getting very agitated at nights. We tried Sleep+ gummies and now he is sleeping so well. Relief for us in this pandemic situation. Really grateful for such an effective, safe and affordable product. My father and mother are also using it whenever the are not able to sleep.”


“Awesome !”

“Awesome kit. I have been having problems of ejaculation as well as erection for the past year. I have tried many medicines and treatments. Nothing really worked great. I started using the Comprehensive Allround sexual wellness kit. It solved all my problems and now, I get strong erections and have more control on my timing. ”


“I am thrilled”

“This kit solved all my sexual issues. I was very frustrated before with so many other products and medicines that I tried. Now, i am thrilled to be able to perform well. I trust you guys, Thank you.”


“Genuine & good products”

“I had been using other products randomly whenever needed, and they used to work sometimes only. I came across ForMen website in an ad and went through in detail. I spoke to the team and decided to try the Comprehensive All-round sexual wellness kit. It has worked great not only in short term but has helped me improve slowly from within also. Genuine and good company.”



“I have used the Comprehensive All-round sexual wellness kit. It really is like it's name, helped with my erection problem and timing problem. I feel more energetic also now. No side effects at all.”


“Real Wellness”

“I have been so stressed out with Covid, not able to sleep at night because of business worries. I started using the wellness kit. I am sleeping fitfully now, and feel more calm and less anxious. I am also feeling more energetic and positive. ”


“Very much needed”

“Falling sick is what i am sacred of. Frustrated working from home. The wellness kit has really helped me to sleep well, build my immunity, not panic and get more mental control. Thank you. ”


“Loosing weight”

“I had gained lots of weight in last 1 year. Just dieting and walking is not helping. I tied the weight loss kit. It has boosted my metabolism and i am starting to loose weight. The sleep+ gummies are awesome. I never slept so well. The destress capsules have surely helped me stay calm and probably the reduced levels of stress hormone have also helped me loosing weight. ”


“Glad i found it”

“I am glad I found this company. I am using their Weight loss kit and Perform capsules. I am also avoiding sweets and started brisk walking. I am seeing slow and steady improvement in my weight loss as well as in my performance. Thank you.”



“I am using the weight loss kit from one and half month after I hit a weight loss plateau. Combination of sleeping better, reduced stress and taking metabolism booster has again started my weight loss. I am more enthusiastic and encouraged now to achieve ideal weight.”


“No Steroids”

“I am 42 years and i have low energy and libido. My Testosterone levels are low. and I am not able to sustain erections. I searched for a testosterone booster which has no steroids and found Energy+ and Perform+. Good products. I am using the Testosterone and Vitality boost kit for 2 months now. There is significant improvement for me.”


“Natural and side effects”

“My andrologist told me use this kit to help me get through andropause. Love it. No side effects, no problems”


“Happy and Satisfied”

“I go to gym regularly and build muscle. I wanted some natural testosterone booster to help me with my sexual problem as well as in helping build muscle. The Testosterone boost and vitality kit has helped for both. Thank you. I am suggesting to me colleagues too.”


“Great Service”

“The ForMen team listens and guides correctly. They are no- nonsense company which have knowledge. They are also prompt, open and clear. No false promises.”


“IUI Cycles”

“Me and my wife badly want a child. We had one failed IUI cycle because of poor quality of my sperm. I used the Fertility enhancing kit for 2 months and we went for next IVF cycle. The embryologist told me that the quality of sperms was much better and that she expects good results. Thank god. I will continue to use the fertility kit as it makes me feel good overall also.”


“Doctor suggested”

“Lot of stress because of Corona and bad lifestyle has made my sperm count low. There is pressure from family to have a baby. My wife's Gynec told me use the male fertility kit for 2-4 months, to improve my sperm health, as my wife has no problem at all. I am able to get better erections and perform better also, hope we can bear a child soon.”



“I was really shocked at how well the medicines worked. I dint expect such a good result. From now, i will only use ForMen products. They won my trust.”



“I am scared of medicines and side effects. I discussed my problem with ForMen team and they assured me not to worry and try once. If I don't like, I can always stop. I felt comfortable with the and started using the medicines. They really worked. I am thrilled, No side effects also. I am glad that I listened to them.”

Guru Raj

“Very Good”

“I used the best performance kit, and just like their name, it was best for me. My girlfriend was very surprised at the change. I am super excited.”



“I have tried similar products from other companies. They never worked well for me. I came across ForMen brand while searching for something. I liked their direct and sincere approach and contacted them. I am using the best performance Kit, and it is working for me. I love these guys. They tell you everything so correctly.”


“New Life”

“I am suffering from Early ejaculation, god knows since when. So very frustrated. I have been using many products over the last 2-3 years to see what works for me. I found ForMen last month and ordered the Ultimate Endurance kit. WOW...I have no words o describe my joy when i found that I can go on for more than 3 minutes !!!! These people know what they are doing. God bless them.”


“Worked for me”

“I am young and anxious type. I come very fast and my wife is always dissatisfied. She told me about ForMen. Her friends husband also orders from them and she is happy. I saw the whole website and found it very straight and simple. I ordered the Ultimate endurance kit and now I am able to go till my wife says enough. We are so thankful to her friend for telling us about ForMen brand. ”


“Can be trusted”

“I used the ultimate Endurance kit and it is working very well for me. I am 42 years and have diabetes also. No side effects. You can trust them.”


“Slept well”

“My parents were admitted in hospital for Covid. They were not able to sleep at night and were not getting better because of no rest. Doctor did not want to give sedatives or sleeping pills as they were quite old with high BP and other problems. He discussed with me and i ordered Sleep+ gummies and they started taking one gummy each at night. They used to sleep undisturbed for 6-7 hours and feel very rested. They also recovered fast and are back home and use Sleep+ gummies whenever they are not able to sleep. I have kept stock at home for them, as I am scared lockdown may happen and delivery may be late.”


“Ordered for 4 months”

“My cousin who is a doctor told us that Vit C, D and Zinc are very useful during covid period and will help lower the severity even if we get it and we will also recover fast. he told us to order from ForMen brand as it has selenium and tulsi also. We ordered for 4 months, for all of us and are taking everyday.”


“Very much Required”

“We have been married for 6 years, yet to have a child. 2 IVF cycles over, but failed because embryo did not form as quality of my sperm was poor. I was very depressed. I saw Genesis+ on the internet, spoke to their doctor and ordered for three months. I have been taking the capsules religiously everyday. Last week I gave sperm sample again and the doctor told me that the sperms are much stronger now. Fingers crossed. ”


“Trust Doctors”

“Genuine product. When I compared products of four similar products, Genesis was the only product which had all the ingredients that too in correct dosages as per my knowledge. I am using it everyday as we re planning for a child in few months. I don't want to take any risk in the child's health. I have decided to trust this company that was created by experienced doctors.”



“I am using their products since three months and have seen improvement. I trust this company as it is led by Doctors.”


“I trust ForMen”

“I trust this brand, and why not? I have sed their products and it is created by doctors. My timing problem has improved significantly over the last three months.”

Ishran Goel

“Doctors know best”

“A lot of so-called Testosterone boosters in the market have steroids and compounds like DHEA which may cause problems. I liked Energy+ capsules, because it is from a Doctor Led company and is natural and effective. I have no side effects at all.”


“Straight-forward & Genuine”

“I love their website. It is so clear, simple, to the point and straight-forward. No extra un-necessary or confusing information, probably because it is created by doctors. I have used 3 products from them - Immunity+, Sleep+ and Genesis+. I have no complaints. ”



“I like their clarity. They explain so simply and correctly. Not too much or too little. I have used Skin+ gummies. I have a job where I have t be outside most of the time. I get tanned and my skin has become rough and bad because of pollution. I cant keep on putting expensive sunscreen lotions every half an hour, so I just eat 2 skin+ gummies. ”



“I have a feeling of trust for this company. The doctors who created this company are really helping out. I am using Skin gummies and Sleep gummies. Both are good. I am satisfied.”



“I have used the Wellness kit for a month and have reordered again. Genuine products. They don't waste money on un-necessary packages, and the price is very affordable. Good quality.”



“I have used 2-3 brands of Vit C and Zinc, both capsules and effervescent tablets. Then I switched to ForMen brand Vit C,D and Zinc. This formula is far more superior, it has other ingredients useful to boost immunity and have correct dose and quality. The previous ones that I used had funny taste and were of poor quality.”


“Perfect Combination”

“Perfect combination with correct daily requirement and dose. Affordable to all. I am suggesting to all my patients. ”

Dr. Rahul

“Health Conscious”

“I am a very health conscious person. I do not take any un-necessary supplements. I preferred Vit C,D and Zinc capsules of ForMen company because they have a holistic combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs. Also there is no overdosage. Such a unique combination is not available in any other product. I bought 6 months dose, because in present situation, no one knows what will happen when. Better be careful.”

Durga Prasad

“Real value for money”

“My friend who is a doctor told us to start taking Vit C, D and Zinc supplements along with healthy food and lots of water, so that our body will be as ready as possible to tackle infection and also recover fast. he specifically suggested ForMen company as it has a unique and best formula, according to him. Since it is affordable I have brought 4 months dose for entire family. ”

Pavan Kumar

“Affordable and good”

“Good product. Better to be as safe and healthy as possible. We are all using the Vit C, D and zinc capsules. All fine as of now.”



“I already have less Vit D levels. I have read in an article that Vit D deficient people take longer to recover from Covid. I cant take any chances, I have been taking the Vit C,D and Zinc capsules as it also has other micronutrients that I ay deficient in. Better o take precaution.”



“There are so many products and it is so confusing to choose the right one. I trust this company as it is established by doctors. Also all their products have unique formulae and i spoke to few of my colleagues who are using their products. They said they were good effective and no side effects. I am using their Immunity+ capsules and my parents are using the Sleep+ gummies and Immunity capsules. We are very satisfied . Don't waste time searching and getting confused, just trust doctors and be as safe as possible. ”



“There are so many products and it is so confusing to choose the right one. I trust this company as it is established by doctors. Also all their products have unique formulae and i spoke to few of my colleagues who are using their products. They said they were good effective and no side effects. I am using their Immunity+ capsules and my parents are using the Sleep+ gummies and Immunity capsules. We are very satisfied . Don't waste time searching and getting confused, just trust doctors and be as safe as possible. ”



“My mom and dad have come back from hospital after spending 12 days. They are just unable to sleep at night. Very scared and stressed out after their traumatic experience with Covid. I have given them Sleep+ gummies. They take 1 gummy by 9.30 pm and sleep fitfully. Thanks to my friend for the suggestion and to the company for making such a safe and good product at affordable rate.”


“These guys are doctors”

“These guys are doctors. I will trust them for my health anyday over corporate houses. I can see the sincerity in the website and products. I am using their sexual wellness kit and sleep gummies. I have complete relief from my previous problems.”


“Straight from my heart”

“I have been suffering from early ejaculation for a very long time. I just cant have control and come so quickly. I am not satisfied and my wife is not satisfied. I tried the Ultimate endurance kit on the suggestion of my friend. I got immediate relief, I am so very happy and shocked that I actually am able to go on for 2-3 min. Amazing result, i love this company. They gave me new life.”


“No Over dosage”

“I was reading many recent articles about overdose of Vit C and D in treatment of Covid patients. They found that Overdosage does not help. Regular normal dose only helps. ForMen company has correct doses with no Overdose. I recommend it. Many other companies have high doses above the recommended ICMR levels.”


“Really helped me”

“I stay in Mumbai. I used this Vit C,D, Zinc capsules as per my Doctors advice. I got through my Covid infection, with hardly any symptoms. I am so thankful. I will continue to take them as my daily vitamins.”


“Friend Reference”

“I am using Genesis+ and Energy + capsules on the advice of my friend who has been using them from last 2 months. Good. No side effects.”


“Good Formulation”

“I am a Pharmacologist. I have looked at formulations of various products available on the market. I am impressed with the formulations of ForMen company. The are genuine and well researched. I have got good reviews from my friends who have used their Perform+, Endure+ , Vit C,D, Zinc and Sleep+. I myself am taking their Immunity+ as it is an excellent immune booster and Anti-oxidant. I am confident that even if I fall sick, I will recover soon due to its Free radicle scavenging properties.”

Dr Sudhir

“Superior Combination”

“One f my patients who had Pre mature Ejaculation has told me that he was using Delay+ spray and found it to be more effective than the spray that he had used previously. It has both Lidocaine and Prilocaine and therefore is superior in effectivity as well in safety. I am prescribing it to most of my young patients and there have been no complaint.”

Dr Mohan

“Wonderful Product”

“After the recent loss of my mother, my father has been unable to sleep at nights. He was suffering during the day also because of lack of sleep ad his Parkinson's and Diabetes was getting worse. I gave him Sleep+ gummy and he fell asleep in 30 in and slept fitfully. Really effective and safe gummies. I also use whenever I am not able to sleep. ”


“Good Formulation”

“I am a Pharmacologist. I have looked at formulations of various products available on the market. I am impressed with the formulations of ForMen company. The are genuine and well researched. I have got good reviews from my friends who have used their Perform+, Endure+ , Vit C,D, Zinc and Sleep+. I myself am taking their Immunity+ as it is an excellent immune booster and Anti-oxidant. I am confident that even if I fall sick, I will recover soon due to its Free radical scavenging properties.”

Dr Sudhir


“I have used the Sleep+ gummies. Very effective. I am impressed with the product and website. Very simple, direct and genuine. I recommend this company and their products. ”


“Good Information”

“I really loved their Blog. Simple and well written articles. I like the website too. One of the best ones that I have seen in recent times. No over promising and necessary twisted facts. The content is simple and direct. I a using two of their products and am happy with them. ”


“Good Formulation”

“I am a Pharmacologist. I have looked at formulations of various products available on the market. I am impressed with the formulations of ForMen company. The are genuine and well researched. I have got good reviews from my friends who have used their Perform+, Endure+ , Vit C,S, Zinc and Sleep+. I myself am taking their Immunity+ as it is an excellent immune booster and Anti-oxidant. I am confident that even if I fall sick, I will recover soon due to its Free radical scavenging properties.”

Dr Sudhir

“Very good”

“Me and everyone in my family are taking the VitC, D and Zinc capsules everyday. We recovered quickly, even my mom and dad. All needed vitamins and minerals in one tablet, was very convenient for my father who cant take many tablets in a day. I have ordered for the next 4 months.”


“Good Formulation”

“I am a Pharmacologist. I have looked at formulations of various products available on the market. I am impressed with the formulations of ForMen company. The are genuine and well researched. I have got good reviews from my friends who have used their Perform+, Endure+ , Vit C,D, Zinc and Sleep+. I myself am taking their Immunity+ as it is an excellent immune booster and Anti-oxidant. I am confident that even if I fall sick, I will recover soon due to its Free radical scavenging properties.”

Dr Sudhir

“Changed my life”

“I went into depression because I was not able to get good erections. I did not know whom to talk to and did not want to visit any hospitals. My fried introduced me to the ForMen.health website. I spoke to their Doctor and he advised Comprehensive All round sexual vitality kit. I ordered for 1 month to see how it is. It was absolutely great. The allopathy medicine helped me get immediate erections. I hope that the supplements will cure my deficiency from within. Very happy with the products.”


“Very Effective”

“I was having Early ejaculation for a long time. My colleague told me about the Ultimate Endurance Kit of ForMen company. I have got great results from their products. Genuine people. I recommend them. ”


“Good Formulation”

“I am a Pharmacologist. I have looked at formulations of various products available on the market. I am impressed with the formulations of ForMen company. The are genuine and well researched. I have got good reviews from my friends who have used their Perform+, Endure+ , Vit C,D, Zinc and Sleep+. I myself am taking their Immunity+ as it is an excellent immune booster and Anti-oxidant. I am confident that even if I fall sick, I will recover soon due to its Free radical scavenging properties.”

Dr Sudhir

“I have control now”

“I have problems of controlling ejaculation. I usually finish off very fast, and that leaves me very unsatisfied. My wife is also unhappy. I found Formen.health when I was searching a solution for my problem. I used the Ultimate Endurance kit and now I am able to control and delay ejaculation for almost three times my previous timing. Very satisfied. My wife is also satisfied and is showing more interest now.”



“I am 42 years and my recent test revealed low levels of Testosterone. I started using Energy+ on the advise f my Doctor. It has been 2 months now. I am feeling energetic and my Libido and performance have also improved. ”

Bipin Pal

“Good Formulation”

“I am a Pharmacologist. I have looked at formulations of various products available on the market. I am impressed with the formulations of ForMen company. The are genuine and well researched. I have got good reviews from my friends who have used their Perform+, Endure+ , Vit C,D, Zinc and Sleep+. I myself am taking their Immunity+ as it is an excellent immune booster and Anti-oxidant. I am confident that even if I fall sick, I will recover soon due to its Free radical scavenging properties.”

Dr Sudhir

“Great Product”

“I suffer from both problems of erections and early ejaculation. This medicine solved both. It is affordable also. Satisfied.”



“I was looking for one tablet for my sexual problems for a long time. I have tried other companies products of similar combination. Was not very satisfied. This medicine worked well and is quite affordable too.”



“Good product. I have used it and it work for me. I have had Diabetes for last 10 years and have sexual problems. I recommend it.”


“Love it”

“Finally, a product that actually helped me. I have high BP and am usually sceptic of any medicine. Tried this on the advice of my Doctor. Worked for me.”


“Best Composition in the market”

“There are so many similar products available. I made a list of them and the ingredients and doses and asked my doctor what to take. he told me to take the Vit C,D and Zinc of ForMen brand because it has the correct ingredients in correct doses and can be taken everyday for protection and immunity. ”


“Everyone recommended it”

“I know at least 12 people using Sleep+ gummies. All of them gave a positive review . So i ordered it and my parents are using it. I too used it many times when I wasn't able to sleep. It is a great product.”



“ I am using three products from the ForMen brand. I am satisfied with all of them. I trust this company. Genuine and affordable.”


“Good Product”

“I like the product. No hype, no false claims. No side effects. Good immune and anti-oxidant ingredients.”

Dr. Mukund

“Home remedies Vs Immunity+”

“Almost 6-7 members of my family and relatives got effected by Covid, despite all precautions and home made immunity boosters and remedies. I have read a bit and realised that some home made immunity stuff etc may not be absorbed into the body at all !!!! They may just be a placebo with no actual good!! I found Immunity+ capsules as the most sensible product amongst the 10-12 other products that i researched on. My whole family and relatives are using this product now and have no complaints.”



“I am very health and fitness conscious. I know the importance of electrolytes and the fact that most of us are deficient in it. I have tried the products of many companies. I liked the Magnesium + Zinc product of ForMen because, the doses are correct, the compounds used are better absorbed and the taste is really good. They are a genuine company.”


“Great taste”

“I have tried minerals and vitamin effervescent tablets before. All have a metallic taste probably because of inferior and cheap ingredients like Magnesium oxide etc. I really like the taste of ForMen Magnesium+ Zinc tablets. The colour of the drink is very pleasant too.”



“I have been having vague muscle and bone pains on and off for a long time. My doctor suggested to use Magnesium+zinc tablets every day. I am taking for the last 15 days. I do not have those vague pains anymore. ”


“Superior, High Quality compounds”

“I am a biochemist. I previously tried other company Magnesium and Zinc products and suffered from stomach upset and the taste was also very metallic. I was surprised when I went through the ingredients of ForMen company and saw that they were using superior compounds like Bisglycinate & Picolinate. The cheap and less bio-availability of magnesium in magnesium Oxide used by the other companies caused my bowel upset. Also the magnesium in Oxide form was only 4% absorbed in my body. Therefore, I strongly recommend a standard and genuine company like ForMen. ”

A K Das

“Did not help initially”

“One tablet did not work well for me. I was disappointed and contacted the doctor. He told me that if I don't have any side effects with 1 tablet, then I can try 2 tablets at-least 2-3 hours prior. I tried it and it worked for me. He told me strictly not to take more than 2 tablets at a time.”


“Very Effective”

“I started having sleep problems after I recovered from Covid. My doctor suggested me to use natural Sleep+ gummies. He and his colleagues were also using them to sleep. They work so well, i fall asleep in half an hour and get up feeling refreshed. No side effects also. Great product, i strongly recommend the the Sleep+ gummies.”


“Boon for my parents”

“My parents have been using the Sleep+ gummies for more than 2 months now. They are able to sleep now within half an hour of taking the gummy. Before they used to toss and turn for more than 2-3 hours before falling asleep and remain cranky during the day. I am really happy and relieved that the quality of their life has improved. I also take the gummies whenever i need. ”


“Best for CoronaSomnia”

“I am prescribing Sleep+ gummies to all my patients with sleep problems, especially those having Corona presently and also to those who have recovered from it ( CoronaSomnia) . I am using them myself too. Melatonin has a role to play in recovery and reducing severity of symptoms too. The vitamins used in Sleep+ gummies are also vital for Sleep Cycle and most Indians are deficient in them. It's very safe, so go ahead and use the Sleep+ gummies if you are having difficulty in falling asleep.”

Dr Bipin

“Good Product”

“Good taste and good for health. I am taking Magnesium+ Zinc everyday for more than a month and my energy has improved. I had heart stenting last year. I used to get breathless after walking for 1 km. Now I am able to walk for 2 km also. My cardiologist has suggested that I continue this as it has correct dose that allows it to be taken everyday. He told me that its needed for heart muscle health.”


“Fatigue gone”

“I never knew or realised that my tiredness and fatigue was because of low magnesium. I tasted the Magnesium+ Zinc drink at my friends place. I also started drinking it, based on his review and within few days my tiredness and fatigue disappeared. I feel more energetic and happy. My focus and concentration has also improved. Genuine products from ForMen company. Thank you.”


“Sleep Like A Baby!”


“I have been taking these gummies for over a month now and they help me so much! I have been dealing with a lot of work anxiety and stress, during these tough times, Sleep+ gummies have been my saving grace! Thank you guys!”


“Very Convenient”

“I always used to forget to take my vitamin tablets previously. The ForMen Multivitamin Oral spray is so convenient to use. It's there in my bag and I just spray it, whenever I remember. My colleagues love it and started using after seeing me use it.”


“Great product”

“I am a dietician and I know how difficult it is to actual eat a mindful healthy diet everyday. Most of us are deficient in vital nutrients, but just don't realise it. I recommend the ForMen multivit spray to all my clients. I personally use it too.”


“Love the Spray”

“I just love the convenience of the spray. Easy to use, good tangy taste and no need to look around for water. Very competitive pricing too. Love this company.”


“Tangy taste”

“I got used to the taste and like it now. Initially I found it a bit tangy. I take the ForMen multivit oral spray everyday, especially if I had a smoke. My doctor told me that , the oral spray will have more bioavailable amount of vitamin in the blood as compared to a tablet.”


“At Last !!”

“Boon for my dad. My father cannot swallow tablets and gets injection abscess whenever we give an injection. I am always scared that he will fall and have a fracture as his bones are weak. The Vitamin D spray is god-sent for me. 2 sprays in a day and his bone strength improves. So convenient !!”

Panduranga Rao

“WOW !!”

“I am a software professional and am indoors almost always. I don't get my daily dose of sunlight, i hate taking tablets and eat little. I have always had low Vitamin D levels. The ForMen Vit D spray is so easy & convenient. It is on my table always. I have been using regularly for last 30 days and my Vit D levels have normalised !!”



“Both my parents do not go out because of the Pandemic scare. They don't eat much as they are quite elderly. I always worry about their bone strength as my mother has osteoporosis. The Vit D spray is just great. My daughter loves spray along it into her grandparents mouth everyday. They love the taste too. ”


“Very Convenient”

“I bought it after I saw a colleague using it. So simple and so convenient to use.Good one.”


“Good Price”

“Very useful and affordable. One bottle comes for 2 month. Much cheaper as compared to some tablets and capsules. Good taste. Everyone in my apartment ordered it after seeing me use it.”


“Great Gift”

“My brother gifted me the Vit C,D and Zn spray. He knows that i need to go out everyday for work and meet lots of people, and that i dont like tablets. The spray is so easy to use, and family is also relieved that I am taking vitamins to improve my immunity.”


“Great Idea”

“After recovering from Covid, I have developed a phobia for tablets. My wife ordered the Vit C,D and Zn spray. No complaints, I love the nutrition, taste and convenience.”

Anirudh Goel

“Genuine Brand”

“They are such a genuine and great brand. Each product is so correct and accurate for dose & effect. Great work, Thank you.”


“Genuine Brand”

“They are such a genuine and great brand. Each product is so correct and accurate for dose & effect. Great work, Thank you.”


“Genuine Brand”

“They are such a genuine and great brand. Each product is so correct and accurate for dose & effect. Great work, Thank you.”


“High Quality, yet affordable”

“I have gone through all their products ingredients & prices and compared with 3 other companies having similar products. This brand ForMen has unique ingredients which are more better and the prices are affordable. I switched to them for all my supplements. Can be trusted.”


“Real Value for money”

“The multivitamin Bottle comes for 2 months. Real saving as compared to other fancy and less useful tablets. Good job by the team. Very easy to use. I make sure I take 2 sprays sometime during the day. Always in my bag.”


“What an Idea”

“Great idea to provide nutrients in a spray. So easy to use. The cap and bottle are also good. Good price. Keep up the good work.”


“WOW !!”

“Oh boy !! Really works. I drink quite often but almost always suffer from headache and heavy headedness next day, till afternoon. The After Party capsules are a boon to me.”


“Great Product”

“I suffer from real bad hangovers that takes out the pleasure from drinking. From when i discovered the After party capsules, I am having so much relief. I am enjoying my parties with my friends without being afraid. Thank you.”



“Good product. Helped me and my cousins. We took a bunch of the capsules with us on a recent trip to Goa, where we enjoyed not only the night parties but the hangover free, peaceful mornings too. ”



“I was intrigued when I saw the list of ingredients and the mechanisms of why they reduce symptoms of hangover. I asked my Gastroenterologist neighbour, who validated all of them. I bought a few strips and gifted him too, as we are 'Drink Partners'. They worked for us.”


“Love them”

“My wedding is in 10 days. I have ordered a carton of the Anti-Hangover capsules for my gang. Tried them out last week and was surprised that they were so effective and better than the ones that I had used previously. Planning to gift a carton to the brides party too !”


“Works !!!”

“I took 2 capsules before drinking. Had a great party. Guys no hangover next day morning. I love these guys!”



“I seriously did not expect to not have a hangover. Was i actually shocked next day morning, when I did not have a headache. The capsules work, they are genuine.”



“The capsules work. I took 2 capsules before the drinking and 1 capsule before I slept. No headache or heavy head the next morning. Thanks to the After party capsules, now we have shifted our party's to weekdays to avoid weekend crowds and waiting.”



“The after party capsules have become a rage in my office. It's working for everyone, some needed two capsules and some needed three. Good company and good product, that too natural. No side effects at all for anyone.”


“Great product”

“I usually don't write reviews. But after using these After Party, Anti Hangover capsules, I was really impressed and must congratulate the company. I have lived in US and tried many OTC Anti Hangover capsules, shots, drinks etc, which either dint help or helped minimally. The After Party capsules totally worked for me! No hangover next day morning, despite drinking heavily. Kudos Guys.”



“Cant believe that I actually did not suffer with a headache next day. The After Party capsules are effective. My wife who usually gets a bad hangover even if she drinks very little, also tried the capsules. She also did not have a hangover next day. Cheers to ForMen for coming up with a good & helpful product.”


“Destination Happiness”

“We went to a destination wedding, where the welcome kit had 2 boxes of After Party, Anti-Hangover Pills. I took them with skepticism, because the antihangover pills we were given in another destination wedding few months ago did not work and we couldn't enjoy much with the headache. But the After Party capsules actually worked! We partied into the night and were fresh for the wedding rituals next day morning. I highly recommend this product.”


“Must Have”

“Guys, if you are going partying, the After Party capsules are a must. They work superbly. Pop a couple of them and forget the hangover. best Anti-Hangover product that I have taken till now.”


“Breathing Relief”

“Ever since I have recovered from Corona 6 months ago, I feel some difficulty in breathing, especially when lying down. I have been using the Breathe free essential oils at night for the past 10 days and I am seeing relief in my breathing. Its good. ”



“I am a smoker and experience repeated episodes of phlegm and inflammation of my airways. I am using the Breathe Free essential oils as per the advice of my Doctor friend. I am actually feeling better. he said that it reduces airway inflammation. Looks like it worked.”


“Repeated Allergies”

“I get frequent allergies and my nose is always stuffy and feels blocked. The Breathe free decongestant has given me relief from the congestion and also my episodes of allergy are decreasing in frequency. I like the smell of the essential oils too. It is natural, no chemicals. I keep the bottle with me and keep sniffing when ever I want, in addition to using before sleeping.”


“Easy breathing”

“My father has frequent breathing problem. He wont take any medicines. We started using Breathe Free essential Oil, because it is natural and has no chemicals. He loves the smell and his breathing is more free and easy now. He sleeps well, through out the night.”


“Breathe Free, Really !”

“I travel a lot, and the pollution has effected my lungs and breathing. I always have some breathing issue or the other. On the advise of my neighbour, i stated using the Breathe free essential oils, at night. I have noticed a difference in 10 days only. It is more easy fr me to breathe now and my breathing issues are also slowly coming down. Such a relief.”


“Affordable Quality”

“I suffer from frequent colds and flu ever since I was a child. essentials oils help me, but I never used continuously as they were all overpriced & atrociously expensive. I saw Breathe Free essential oil ad on FB. I like the mix of oils ( very good) and it is priced so reasonably. I have been using it for last 15 days and it is the best essential oil mix that I have used till now, and has given me good relief. Good Quality at reasonable cost.”


“Covid Recuperation essential”

“I have recovered from Covid 5 months ago, but was still having some uneasiness in breathing, especially when i exercise. I started using breathe free essential oil at nights for the last 20 days, as they reduce the respiratory inflammation when we breathe. I am feeling more ease in breathing now. Natural remedy.”


“Really helped”

“Accha hai. Kaam kiya, bahut khush hu. ”



“I am 28 years and got married recently. I have problem in maintaining hardness and also had no control on time of ejaculation. I was so worried that my life is gone. But the best performance kit really helped me. My doctor also said to use it. ”


“Good for Eyes”

“I am an ophthalmologist. Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin and Lutein are really good for the delicate tissues of the eyes, as they prevent Oxidative damage. This is a very good and comprehensive formula having the right ingredients & doses. ”

Dr Satish

“Very affordable”

“I am using the Sharp Eye gummies on the advice of my ophthalmologist. They are good and affordable. They are much better in quality as compared to the product that I used to use previously.”



“Helpful product. Good quality.These guys know what they are doing. I recommend.”


“Go for it”

“I like the product. Very affordable and value for money. ”



“I use this product. It is genuine and good quality. Very comprehensive for Eye health of all ages. Good pricing also.”

Dr Satyavel

“Needed for Diabetics”

“I am a Diabetologist. The Sharp vision gummies are great for the eyes of Diabetics. It helps against Diabetic Retinopathy. Good combination. All my patients using the Eye gummies have given positive feedback.”


“Great to prevent ageing of Eyes”

“Good ingredients that protect from ageing changes in eyes. Difficult to get them only from diet. ”

Dr Sadish

“My doctor suggested”

“Both my parents gave macular degeneration of eyes. I myself have thick glasses and have a Software job. My ophthalmologist suggested regular use of the Sharp Vision gummies for me and my parents. He said that te formula was very good for eyes. Taste is bit sweet, but nice. We are taking regularly.”


“Vit D level corrected”

“I was having constant tiredness and my Vit D levels were lower than normal. My doctor told me to take the spray. I used for 1 month and got the Vit D levels done again. They are in normal range and i am also feeling quite energetic. Genuine product.”


“Great product”

“I bought a product similar to Perform+ from another company and tried for 2 months. It was an attractive package and more costly and had lesser ingredients with no minerals and vitamins. It did not help me. I tried Perform+ also of ForMen for 40 days and I am seeing a difference. Great product and this company's products work well.”


“Tried many products”

“I have tried sleep teas and sleep / melatonin strips before. The teas din't work. The strips tasted horrible and gave uneven sleep with frequent awakenings in the night. I found that the Sleep+ gummies work best for me. I drift into sleep slowly over 30 min and dont get up in between. Feel refreshed in the morning.”


“Works well”

“Good quality and works well. My sexual function has improved very well. I am overall feeling good”



“I have used Shilajit of nother company costing only Rs.100. It was nothing but sand. The Shilait + Ashwagandha of ForMen is genuine and good. I am using it and I am happy. Well worth it.”


“Quality Conscious”

“I am a quality conscious person. I have tried Shilajit of other companies. The % of Fulvic acid is very less in them and they are of very poor quality. I liked the quality of ForMen products and use them personally. They have helped me.”


“Best in the Market”

“The Shilajit and Ashwagandha capsules of ForMen are the best in the market. Quality is good, they work as promised and are very affordable. Go for it guys.”


“Improved Performance”

“I am using ForMen Shilajit tablets since 25 days. My performance in bed has improved very much. No side effects. Me and my wife are both happy.”


“Helped me”

“I am 41 years and started having problem in getting erections for last 8 months. i have the Sild tablets and it has really worked for me. I am relieved and happy. I did not have any problem”


“Relieved !!!”

“I get a good erection but it does not last long, i used to become soft in 1 to 2 min. This was so frustrating for me and my partner. I used the Sild tablets and now the hardness stays for as long as I don't climax. I am so relieved now. Thank you.”



“I keep having erection problem now and then. Don't know when i will have the problem. I starting taking Sild tablets and now I am having consistent erections whenever I am stimulated. I have diabetes also. Sild tablets are great for me. No problems at all.”


“Good Quality”

“I tried same tablets of another brand. They did not work always. Sild tablets of ForMen brand work every time that I take them. They are good quality.”


“Loved It”

“My previous Girlfriend left me because I had erection problems. I started using ild tablets, that my friend told me about. It is working great. I get strong erections that stays as long as I want. My present Girlfriend is very happy. I am grateful to ForMen for such a good product.”


“Saved me!!”

“Got married last month. I was having Erection problems and I was very scared to go on Honeymoon. My doctor told me take 1 tErection tablet everyday one hour before going to bed during the honeymoon. I was so surprised, I got strong erections. I was so happy. Thank a lot. U saved my izzat.”


“Great Spray”

“I climax very soon. I started using ForMen Long last Delay Spray. I am able to go on fr a long time now and climax when I want to. Love the product. No side effect.”


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