Beard Growth Tonic with 5% Minoxidil & 2% Burgeon Up

For a Super Stylish Beard

Beard Growth Tonic with 5% Minoxidil & 2% Burgeon Up
Beard Growth Tonic with 5% Minoxidil & 2% Burgeon Up


Beard Growth Tonic with 5% Minoxidil & 2% Burgeon Up

For a Super Stylish Beard

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GROW A FULLER THICKER STRONGER BEARD: ForMen Beard Growth Tonic is a 2-in-1 revolutionary, carefully developed product that contains 5% minoxidil and 2% BURGEON-UP that has been clinically shown to enhance beard growth.

BOOST BEARD GROWTH FASTER: ForMen Beard Growth Tonic  penetrates deep into hair follicles to reactivate sleeping hair follicles and restore damaged facial hair follicles. This super formula improves beard health, strengthens beard roots, and encourages the growth of thicker, quicker beard hair.

2% BURGEON-UP + 5% MINOXIDIL FORMULA: The secret behind our science backed formula are these 2 main ingredients that effectively stimulate stronger and faster hair growth for men. 2% BURGEON-UP stimulate hair growth while preventing hair loss.

FILL IN THIN & PATCHY SPOTS FOR ALL BEARDS: ForMen Beard Growth Tonic also works by activating dormant beard hair follicles and repairing damaged ones to boost beard thickness and fullness. Works for any type or style of beard, including those that are thick, straight, fine, wavy, coarse, or curly.



ForMen Beard Growth Tonic (5% Minoxidil + 2% Burgeon Up) Benefits

  • Promotes Rapid & Healthier Beard Growth
  • Strengthens Roots & Boosts Beard Health
  • Reactivates & Repairs Damaged Hair Follicles
  • Blocks DHT & DKK-1 Buildup to Curb Hair Loss
  • Improves Beard Texture, Volume & Shine
  • Enhances Blood Flow towards the Hair Follicles
  • Provides Sufficient Nutrition & Oxygen to Hair Follicles
  • Gradually Fills in Thin & Patchy Beard Spots

How to Use ForMen Beard Growth Tonic (5% Minoxidil + 2% Burgeon Up)?

  • Apply a few drops to facial hair or beard area.
  • Take a quarter-sized amount of product into palms and massage into your facial hair.
  • Gently massage until your hair fully absorbs all the nutrients.
  • For best results, use twice daily on clean dry facial hair. It will keep your beard hydrated, moisturised, soft, & growing!

What Does the Doctor Say?

 Causes for poor beard growth can range from genetics to hormones, poor diet, lack of care & so on. A proven solution  for this vexing problem is the advanced 2% BURGEON UP + 5% Minoxidil. This solution effectively promotes faster & healthier hair growth with regular continous usage. Make sure to complete the recommended time of use & not stop the treatment suddenly. While there may be some hair fall initially (shedding of weak hair), it is not a matter of concern. 


Dr. Mohammed Viquasuddin


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2% BURGEON UP and 5% Minoxidil have been clinically proved to awaken dormant hair follicles, boosting growth and filling patches. In contrast, beard growth oil tends to be thicker and does not accomplish this, leaving the beard looking shining and occasionally oily. Being lightweight, ForMen Beard Growth Tonic is perfect for all-day use.


5% Minoxidil in Beard Growth Tonic may initially lead to some shedding but it’s part of the treatment. The procedure synchronizes the beard development cycle, which causes exceedingly weak hair to gradually fall out and shed.


You can apply the Beard Growth Tonic right after derma rolling. It’s advised to use a roller with 0.5mm needles.


This is an alcohol-free formula, which means you won’t develop acne or experience itchiness or irritation. According to the individual, regular usage of Beard Growth Tonic may result in dry skin or facial hair. Following the application of the Growth Tonic, a face moisturiser is recommended to avoid dryness.


We’d recommend that it be applied daily, for at least 3 months to see visible results. To achieve the best results, it might take up until 6 months.

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