Vitamin Sprays Vs Pills | Are Vitamin Sprays Better than Tablets and Pills?

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Vitamin Sprays Vs Pills | Are Vitamin Sprays Better than Tablets and Pills?

Vitamin supplements have become a necessity these days considering the lifestyles we all lead that is much more sedentary than it used to be twenty years back. Our diets also lack some of the vital nutrients that we need and are loaded with fats and sugars that slow down the absorption of nutrients. However, almost all of us are used to taking supplements in the form of tablets and capsules, while anything else might seem not good enough.

But, what if we told you that vitamin spray supplements are more effective than tablets and capsules, and there is research to back the claim?

Furthermore, it can be a blessing for parents who find it hard to make their kids take vitamin pills. These sprays can be a guaranteed way to make sure that children not only take their vitamins but also enjoy them.

What are Vitamin Sprays?

Vitamin sprays are highly concentrated vitamins in the liquid form filled in bottles. These can be sprayed into the mouth. They are often referred to as buccal sprays as they get absorbed through the buccal mucosa or sublingual sprays as they are sprayed on the tongue. The most commonly available vitamin sprays in the market are Vitamin D3 sprays & Multivitamin Sprays.

How do Vitamin Sprays Work?

Vitamin sprays come in small bottles that can be carried along easily. Most often they do not look like the usual vitamin supplements, i.e, they do not look like medicines. It acts in favor of those who do not like taking pills.

All you have to do is spray the prescribed dose in your mouth, and the droplets get absorbed through the tongue and inner walls of the cheeks and lips. Since the inner walls of the mouth are lined with blood vessels, these vitamins quickly enter the bloodstream and get activated, and the absorption begins.

Unlike tablets which first need to pass through the oesophagus to reach the stomach, and then only get partially absorbed across the intestinal lining, vitamin sprays are almost completely absorbed, very quickly with no wastage.

Vitamin sprays are a way of making sure that the vitamins you take get absorbed into the blood rather than only 40-60% absorbed like tablets/capsules, and rest getting simply excreted out. It is also an effective way of vitamin supplementation in children and adults who suffer from conditions such as diarrhea, leaky gut syndrome or other gut absorption issues.

Are Vitamin Sprays Better than Pills and Tablets?

Yes! Vitamin Sprays are much better than pills and tablets.

Apart from the effectiveness of vitamin sprays, there are several other reasons that vitamin sprays are better than gel capsules and tablets.

Easier to Consume

Children are often fussy when it comes to taking pills, or it might be hard for them to swallow pills. Vitamin sprays are easier to consume since all you have to do is spray them in the mouth, and there is no need to swallow anything. Since it does not look like medicines, it is also easier to get children to take them.

Better Taste

Most vitamin sprays get infused with a fruity flavour which makes them appealing to children and adults alike. This way, you can keep away the fishy or acidic burps and mineral taste in your mouth that usually happens when you consume vitamin capsules and tablets. The fruity taste also eliminates the feeling of taking medicines and makes the process of taking vitamins a much more positive experience.

Faster Absorption

Normally it takes gel capsules 15 minutes to disintegrate, while it takes tablets 45 minutes. After this breakdown, the vitamins slowly start entering the bloodstream. With vitamin sprays, there is no need for any breaking down. As soon as you spray the vitamin in your child’s mouth, the absorption begins.

Increased Bioavailability

Unlike vitamin tablets and capsules, where most of the vitamins get flushed out, vitamin sprays have increased bioavailability as they directly enter the bloodstream and start getting absorbed.

Capsules and tablets have several ingredients in their composition such as gelatin or other binding agents used to give them their form but are not really required. All of them can be avoided by switching to vitamin sprays which are simply a highly concentrated form of the vitamins and some added flavour that are not harmful. While choosing vitamin sprays, make sure you do not select one with artificial flavours and colours.

Addresses Pill Fatigue

Pill fatigue occurs when a person consumes so many pills that eventually they become exhausted from taking them. So if your child already needs to take several of them for other conditions, you might find it difficult to feed them one more. It is where vitamin sprays come in by being a non-conventional solution that will still provide them all the vitamins they need.

You can see that vitamin sprays are more or as effective as capsules and tablets, and they, in fact, have many more benefits than vitamin tablets. Parents like you might often struggle to make sure your children take their vitamins through capsules since most children are fussy about what they eat. This is where vitamin sprays come to the rescue. They taste good, are effective, and even look cool to kids. If you haven’t tried vitamin sprays yet and haven’t seen the results, head over to our shop now and look at the results yourself. The best part about our vitamin sprays is that they are completely natural and do not contain any synthetic ingredients. 

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