11 Fun Ways to Keep Yourself Engaged at Home

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11 Fun Ways to Keep Yourself Engaged at Home

Staying indoors seems to be the order of the day in 2021 too. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Even though staying indoors is a relatively easy option, it might feel relatively difficult considering the circumstances, the fear, and the isolation. If not handled well, this period of isolation could take a toll on one’s mental health and may even lead to depression.

We must keep ourselves engaged and mentally occupied while the situation comes under control. Here is a list of activities we have put together to help you stay engaged within the four walls of your house and deal with this pandemic better.

Some of these activities will not only help you stay engaged but will also add to your skill set and personality, so you come out stronger, being a better version of yourself.

11 Best Ways to Keep You Engaged When You’re Stuck at Home

1. Learn a New Language

Have you always wanted to learn French, Spanish or Italian but never had the time? This could be the perfect opportunity to do so, especially in this age with so many resources available on the internet. Identify the language you want to learn, find out some good online resources, a good online tutor, free YouTube videos, mobile applications, online forums to learn languages, and get started. You could also encourage one of your friends or colleagues to join you and discuss your learnings with them daily. It will act as extra motivation to keep going every day.

2. DIY Project

Building something on your own gives an immense sense of satisfaction and unfurls the creativity within you. You do not have to build anything big, but if you have the materials needed to build something like a bookshelf for your living room, why not? Start with something small. Go back to your childhood and recreate the “best out of waste” project we all received in art class. In the process, you may also inspire and invoke interest in your spouse or children to do some useful things themselves or pick up a skill

Watch some DIY project videos and make something useful for your workspace, kitchen, or showpiece. Believe us, once you finish making it, you will get hooked to it, and the creator in you will want to build more things.

3. Learn a New Skill

What is that one skill you always fancied but never had the courage or the motivation to pursue? Did you want to dance, sing, paint a picture, or learn a skill like knitting? This could be the time to try your hand at it.

Again, there are hundreds of online tutorials that will help you pick it up. If you’ve always wanted to dance, close the doors and dance like no one’s watching. Not only will it give you an adrenaline rush, but it will also give you the daily dose of exercise that you need.

4. Unleash the Master Chef Within You

Instead of ordering your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant, try to make it at home. Watch some cooking shows or videos and test your culinary skills.

Join your partner or make it a fun family activity by involving your kids and cooking a meal together. You could also make it a point to learn to cook a new dish every day.

If you are a bachelor whose cook/ mess are unavailable, this could be the perfect opportunity to make it a fun activity instead of a monotonous chore. Cook yourself a fresh meal every day.

Pay special attention to your nutrition during these times, as it will help you build your immunity.

5. Play Games, Online and Offline

You could be quarantining alone or with your family. You could also be in isolation in different rooms in the same house. Instead of letting your mind wander and feeling lonely, find multiplayer online games like Ludo, Chess, Carrom, Snakes and Ladders, and others and play together. It could be a fun way to get together virtually and share a few laughs.

6. Watch a Series or a Good Movie

While we give this suggestion, we don’t want you to get glued to your screen for the whole day. Limit your screen time but pick a couple of hours in the day when you don’t feel guilty about watching a movie with a load of work piling up and watch that movie you always heard your friends discuss. Watch the series that is so famous that everybody talks about it.

Be mindful of snacking during the movie and munch on some healthy snacks like carrots, cucumbers, and nuts instead of chips and butter popcorn.

7. Take an Online Course

Now, we know that studying does not sound like a fun activity, but taking an online course in your free time will increase your employability and give you an edge in the job market.

Employers always give extra points to those who are motivated to take a course in their free time. To an employer, this shows discipline, dedication, and eagerness to grow. Also, taking an online course will provide you with updated information in your field.

The best part about taking an online course is that it costs less than 10% of your regular college fee but holds a lot more value than a college degree. Find out what’s trending and identify the best course provider and get started.

8. Go to Virtual Gatherings

You could organize a college reunion online at zero cost or even invite your friends to a Zoom call and play Pictionary or just have a virtual pajama party with some wine. If your friends seem to be less interested in a virtual gathering, which may be unlikely, you can also find virtual gatherings online where you will be able to meet like-minded individuals like you. The purpose of such meetings is to reduce the feeling of isolation during the pandemic.

9. Call up a Loved One

Call up a loved one and talk about anything but the pandemic. Discuss a movie, your memories together, a joke, or anything to keep the conversation light and fun.

During the pandemic, when we cannot physically meet and greet anyone, smartphones and video calling apps are the only ways by which we can still stay connected and nourish our relationships.

10. Workout Daily

During the lockdown in 2020, so many people took up fitness challenges and transformed their bodies in the three months they were indoors.

While your fitness journey does not have to be so drastic, you could challenge your friend to a fitness challenge so that you have a workout buddy to keep you accountable. You could subscribe to an online fitness class or simply workout to YouTube videos. To ensure that you do not burn out in a few days, include variety into your plan and do different kinds of exercises daily.

11. Meditate

We cannot stress this one enough. During these challenging times, meditation will help you keep your mind centered and will help you deal with stress. It is common for the mind to wander and drift while you meditate, but you can always bring back your concentration.

There are several guided meditation videos online that you can listen to that will help you center your attention and calm your mind. Make it a habit to meditate for 15 minutes a day to get maximum benefits.

While you try to engage yourself by doing these activities, limit your time on social media platforms as they can be a source of stress, fear, and negative feelings. Keep track of your screen time and create a schedule. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up early so that the day does not just fly away.

During these times of isolation and uncertainty, it is quite normal that your mental health might not be at its best. Do not hesitate to reach out to your loved ones and mental health professionals if you need to talk or need health.

Stay indoors, keep yourself engaged, maintain social distance, eat well and stay calm. These times too shall pass. 

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