Perform MAX

A Solution For Erectile Dysfunction

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Perform MAX

A Solution For Erectile Dysfunction

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Perform MAX for Erectile Dysfunction

Perform MAX is a blend of scientifically proven enriched herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. It is proven to be effective in maintaining penile erection.

Helps enhance vitality, vigor and strength.


ForMen Perform MAX Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Benefits:

  • Helps in achieving adequate erections.
  • It brings the lost satisfaction back to your life.
  • It is a scientifically effective formula, developed by our Doctors & Pharmacologists.

ForMen Perform Max Erectile Dysfunction Tablet Helps with

  • Vigor
  • Vitality
  • Strength

How to Take ForMen Perform Max Erectile Dysfunction Capsules?

  • Take 2 capsules per day after food.
  • Preferably to be taken in the morning & evening with a glass of water, or as per the Physician’s recommendation.
  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

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ForMen Perform Max Capsules Composition

Ingredient Content %RDA
Magnesium Hydroxide 180 mg 22.05
Ashwagandha 200 mg
Safed Musli 150 mg
Ginkgo 125 mg
Shatavari 125 mg
Brahmi 75 mg
Zinc 27.44 mg 83.3
Bioperine 5 mg
Vitamin D2 10 mcg 100

9 Main Ingredients

Pure, high-quality, lab-tested, effective ingredients sourced from the best locations.


Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract is clinically known to improve penile rigidity and enhance arterial blood flow to gonads and help maintain an erection for longer.


Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Root Extract

Ashwagandha 2.5% with anolides, this ingredients is clinically known to improve testosterone levels, enhance blood flow to the pineal gland, and reduce stress and anxiety levels.


Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) Leaf Extract

Brahmi leaf extract with >20% triterpenoid saponins (bacosides), is clinically known to improve cerebral blood flow and reduce stress and anxiety levels, thereby enhancing your performance.


Shatavari Root Extract

It contains Shatavari Root extract with >20% saponins (shatavarins), is clinically known to improve blood flow to pineal gland, and reduce stress and anxiety levels.


Safed Musli Root Extract

Safed Musli root extract with 20% saponins, is clinically known to improve testosterone levels, sexual vigour and sexual arousal. It increases the sexual desire and helps to maintain the erection during intercourse.



Magnesium is essential for metabolism of Nitric Oxide which helps in penile erection and helps in reducing anxiety. Low levels of magnesium are linked with Erectile Dysfunction in men.



It contains Zinc as Zinc Sulphate. It is one of the essential trace elements and its supplementation was found to increase the semen volume, sperm motility and the sperm quality in men.


Vitamin D3

Several clinical studies identified that Vitamin D3 deficiency may cause Erectile Dysfunction. Vitamin D3 supplementation is known to improve sexual performance by aiding testosterone biogenesis.



It significantly increases the absorption of various herbal extracts vitamins, minerals & other nutrients into the body i.e., increases bio-availability. In the absence of BioPerine, the nutrients consumed may be excreted without being absorbed in the body.

What Does the Doctor Say?

Erectile issues (Erectile Dysfunction) in men are quite common and can be seen in any age group. There can be multiple causes most of which are treatable. The treatment approach should be holistic and wholesome. Lifestyle modifications, supplements and allopathic medicines, all have their role to play based on the cause of the problem. Certain minerals like Magnesium, Zinc & Vitamins like Vitamin D2 have proven benefits in erectile problems. Natural herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Safed Musli, Gingko & Shatavari have also been proven scientifically to benefit in sexual wellness of men.


Dr. Mohammed Viquasuddin


Product Review

Customer Questions
& Answers


It is a very common male sexual dysfunction that is said to occur when a guy has difficulty in obtaining or maintaining an erection. It can be seen in any age group, more commonly seen in the older population.


You may not be able to get an erection / hardness of the penis, that is needed. Or you may feel unequal hardness. You may also lose the hardness quickly and also have reduced desire to indulge in sexual activity.


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors, including both mental and physical issues. Among the most common causes are:cardiovascular disease,diabetes,hypertension, or high blood pressure,stress,anxiety,high cholesterol,obesity,low Testosterone levels or other hormone imbalances,kidney disease,increased age,depression


This is a very common question asked by many people. The answer is No, masturbating does not cause ED; this is a misconception. Masturbation is a healthy and common practice that has no effect on erection quality or frequency.


Erection problems can occur at any age, there are no upper or lower age limits. It is generally seen more commonly as age increases.


Perform MAX capsules are a unique blend of herbs, vitamins and Minerals that help increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and help achieve adequate erections. It has proven to be effective in 70-80% people after regular usage. All ingredients are scientifically proven to improve sexual function.


Cure / improvement depend on on the cause. Allopathic medicines usually give immediate results, while supplements & herbs give results, when taken regularly for at least 90-100 days. Severe cases may require surgery. If ED is because of co-morbidities like Diabetes etc, they need to be treated too.


Pills, pumps, and surgeries are all known to help with erectile dysfunction, but what about food? Yes, it is well recognized that food can aid in the improvement of some causes of ED, especially in cases of nutrient & mineral deficient diets. Below are some examples – Watermelon, Oysters, coffee, dark chocolate, nuts, juice, garlic, fish, peppers, green vegetables, olive oil etc.


Yes, erectile dysfunction can be treated permanently. Consult our doctors to know more about the available treatments.


Yes. Genuine nutraceuticals formulated with the help of doctors, pharmacists and scientists, based on research will surely help in treatment of erection problems. They, however, have to be taken regularly in correct doses as per the physician’s advice.


Nutraceuticals are made up of majorly organic and herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Perform MAX is the best medicine for erectile dysfunction that has no or minimal side effects. Always consume only in prescribed doses and check with your doctor in case you are taking other medicines.

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