22 products

22 products
Minoxidil Topical Solution USP 5%

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Hair Growth Super Kit | Minoxidil + Derma Roller

Sale price Rs. 799.00 Regular price Rs. 1,148.00 Save 30%
Advanced Biotin 10,000mcg for Hair Growth | 60 Tablets

from Rs. 399.00
Hair NutriGrowth Kit | Minoxidil + Super Biotin + Derma Roller

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Darkenal Anti Greying Hair & Beard Formula

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New Launch
Dandruff Control Therapy

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Hair Growth Shampoo for Men

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Onion & Black Seed Hair Growth Oil

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Derma Roller for Hair Growth | Growth Activator

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Hair Growth & Anti-Hairfall Kit

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Hair Re-Growth Kit | Shampoo + Serum

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Hair Growth Kit | Serum + Derma Roller

Sale price Rs. 999.00 Regular price Rs. 1,398.00 Save 29%
Advanced Hair Growth Kit | See Results in 84 Days

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Hair Nourishing Kit | See Results in 84 Days

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The Three Pronged Proven Approach



Our method is a combination of the three steps that helps in giving you the most satisfying results for your hair care journey. Ingredients used in our hair care range are based on their efficacy, safety, quality and authenticity.

About Hair Care Products

Who doesn’t want strong, luscious, and healthy hair? Yet, this is something that we all struggle with. Trying new shampoos and hair care products is something we all do, but finding the right one is difficult. 

At ForMen we understand this need and have the right solution for you. A paraben and SLS free selection of highly effective hair care products that help address all your unique hair care concerns. Whether it is hair growth, re-growth, nourishment and more, we have a product for you. So don’t worry about a receding hairline or thinning hair anymore, simple products made with doctor-led formulations are here to save the day! 

Discover a range of products from shampoo, derma roller, and serum to complete your hair care routine. Our formulations are effective, and safe for regular use. We offer you the best quality premium products that help you achieve your hair goals. Explore our range to find what suits you best! 

Our Product Range:

  • Derma Roller – A growth activator that helps in improving blood flow to the scalp and boosts hair growth.
  • Minoxidil – Proven solution for hair re-growth. This solution sheds weak hair and helps in re-growing new hair. 
  • Hair Shampoo – Rejuvenates hair growth, makes it darker and stronger. Shampoo helps in over hair nourishment and growth.
  • Redensyl (Hair Serum) – Helps promote hair growth and rejuvenates stem cells.