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JoyMax Dotted Condoms with Strawberry Flavor

For Berrylicous Xtra Pleasure

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Multi Brands

Personal Essentials

JoyMax Dotted Condoms with Strawberry Flavor

For Berrylicous Xtra Pleasure

- Shipping charges of ₹99 will be applicable.
- Limit: 1 per customer. If you order more than one quantity of this product, Only one quantity will be dispatched.

9128 Sold

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Designed with 540 raised dots over the most sensitive areas, these Strawberry flavored condoms heighten sensation & pleasure.  Lined with non-irritant, paraben-free lube to minimize friction & ensure smooth gliding. They are easy to use and mange. Indulge in safer sex with JoyMax strawberry flavored condoms by avoiding slips, breakage or skin irritation. Get into action without putting off your mood with a comfortable, hassle-free experience!



ForMen JoyMax Dotted Condom (Strawberry Flavour) Benefits / Uses / Advantages

  • Textured design for Added Stimulation and pleasure
  • Comes with 540 Raised Dots  
  • Paraben-Free, swift and Smooth Lubrication
  • Made with High quality Natural Rubber Latex
  • Comes with 10 Discreet Disposable Pouches
  • Secure & Comfortable Fit, designed for Indian Men
  • When used correctly helps in Preventing Pregnancy, STIs & STDs 
  • Tested Electronically  for Safety & Strength
  • Discreet packaging and delivery for your privacy.

How to Use ForMen JoyMax Dotted Condoms?

  • Place the condom on the tip of fully ereceted Penis
  • Pinch the air out of the condom’s top & unroll gently  all the way down
  • Get into action. Once used, roll upwards & remove
  • Discard in one of the disposable pouches provided in the pack

ForMen JoyMax Dotted Condoms Packaging

100% Discreet Packaging and Delivery

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What Does the Doctor Say?

Consistent & correct use of male latex condoms effectively prevents the risks of unplanned pregnancy, STIs & STDs up to 98%. On the pleasure & ease of use front, dotted + lubricated condoms offer greater stimulation & smooth action without any added hassle, especially for your partner. It is also strictly advised not to use 2 or more condoms together to avoid unnecessary friction & breakage




Customer Questions
& Answers


Yes, to deliver maximum durability, safety & comfort during intercourse, JoyMax Strawberry flavored condoms undergo electronic testing, the water leak test, the air burst test & the strength test.


Our condoms undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum efficacy when used correctly. They are designed for Indian men to ensure a secure & comfortable fit, are also pre-lubricated to minimize friction & – to ultimately avoid slipping or breakage.


Yes. Even though JoyMax strawberry condoms are pre-lubricated, you can always add more lube at your convenience. Use water-based or silicone-based, oil-based lubricants degrade latex & should not be paired with any of our condoms.


No, Always use a new condom for every sex act. Condoms are single-use products, they should not be reused. Reusing or washing the condoms, compromises their, utility integrity & effectiveness, and make them ineffective in preventing in protecting against pregnancy, STIs and/or STDs.


Yes. Latex condoms are an effective way to prevent STDs & STIs when used correctly. However, the level of risk reduction varies on the infection spreads. Generally, using condoms protect against Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Herpes & HPV, among others.


No, using more than 1 condom is not adviced as it creates unnecessary friction. This may cause condom breakage. For extra precautions, please use additional contraceptive methods along with condoms for prevention of pregnancy and STIs/STDs.

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