Can Obesity Affect Sexual Performance?

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Can Obesity Affect Sexual Performance?

The answer is yes! Obesity can have psychological as well as physiological effects on one’s life and their sex life too. Being obese can affect your libido, performance and interests.

How Obesity Affect Sex Life?

Obese people generally have high levels of cholesterol and are likely to suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

Research shows that about 50% of people suffering from diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction.

When excessive fat gets deposited in the body and walls of blood vessels, the inner walls of the arteries in our body thicken. It reduces the flow of blood to the heart as well as the different organs in our body.

Normally when men or women get aroused, the blood circulation in the body, especially to reproductive organs increases.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction:

Now, in obese people, the blood does not get circulated well and does not reach the reproductive organs. It is why obese men often suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Women too are found to face this as the blood does not reach the clitoris on arousal. If every time you want to have sex but cannot get an erection, wouldn’t your interest in having sex reduce eventually?

Studies have shown that as the amount of fat in the body increases, the level of testosterone, the sex hormone in the body falls.

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If men have large amounts of belly fat, the testosterone in the body starts getting converted into estrogen. It is also why men started developing breasts if they gain a considerable amount of weight.

The level of testosterone in the body also negatively affects libido and is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

Obesity & Physiological Effects On One’s Sex Life:

These are the physiological effects that obesity has on one’s sex life. Let us look at how obesity can have psychological effects that also affect one’s sex life.

Obesity is often linked to negative body image especially, due to the standards set by society. Very often, overweight people find it difficult to accept themselves as they are due to the body images that society romanticizes.

It leads to a fall in self-esteem that even shows up in the bedroom. Some people do not get into relationships because they do not feel confident. Some believe that they will not be accepted by their partners.

Even if they do, there is a lot of pressure on being able to perform well, which is often why obese men are not able to perform well during the act.

These psychological and physiological effects of obesity affect the way men and women perform in the bedroom. People might shy away from sex or feel conscious while indulging in the act.

How Obese People Can Improve Their Sex Lives?

Being overweight or obese can have effects beyond the inability to enjoy sex. Obese people are even prone to heart attacks and strokes.

Several studies have shown that a few lifestyle changes can do wonders for overweight people and help them lead happier and much more healthy lives.

While a few changes can show many changes, a complete shift to a healthy life would require them to stick to it permanently.

Studies show that obese people who adopted healthier habits reported an improvement in their ability to perform in the bedroom.

Changes That Help Improving Sex Drive for Obese People

  • If you are a smoker, this is the first habit that you have to address. Studies show that smoking has a direct relation to impotency in men.
  • You can start eating healthier and cleaner foods.
  • You must drink ample amounts of water.
  • Moving about more often and joining a fitness program.
  • You might want to speak to a therapist who will help you work on your thoughts about body image and self-esteem.

Losing Weight Can Boost Sex Life

Some people might argue that joining a fitness program is not necessary. However, when we start something new, the chances are high that the motivation is over quite soon. It is particularly very common when it comes to working out.

When you enroll in a program and work out in a group or under the guidance of an instructor, the energy of your group helps you stick to your program even on the days you don’t feel like it.

Moreover, there are people on the same journey as you that gives you the strength to continue.

When you are starting on your weight loss journey, our advice for you would be to consult a professional. It could be your doctor or a nutritionist or a licensed fitness expert.

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Self Confidence & Sexual Life

After leading an unhealthy lifestyle, when you start making changes, the effects start showing eventually. It improves your health and overall sense of wellbeing that is directly proportional to your performance in your relationship.

Changes in the body also build and boost your self-confidence in the bedroom. These changes also help you perform better in your professional life and other personal relationships. Don’t be duped by weight loss products having sugars.

While there is no shame in being obese, there are a lot of risks associated with your health.

Making some lifestyle changes might help you turn around the way you feel about yourself and might save you many trips to the hospital!

So, what do you prefer?

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