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Personal Essentials

JoyMax Climax Delay Kit | Delay Control Gel & Dotted Condoms

For New Heights of Pleasure Together

232 Sold


Personal Essentials

JoyMax Climax Delay Kit | Delay Control Gel & Dotted Condoms

For New Heights of Pleasure Together

232 Sold

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Why choose between pleasure or timing? Get the best of both worlds with JOYMAX Climax Delay Kit. Not only does it ensure smooth action & intense stimulation for her, but also prolongs your timing so you can go on &; on & on, without any interruptions! It contains the following 3 products.

1) Lidocaine + Prilocaine Delay Control Gel

2) Dotted Lubricated Condoms Strawberry Flavor (10 Units & 10 disposable bags)

3) Dotted Lubricated Condoms -Chocolate Flavor (10 Units & 10 disposable bags)

While the Delay Control Gel is formulated with Lidocaine & Prilocaine to reduce penile over-sensitivity & prolong timing, the flavoured Dotted Condoms have 540 raised dots over the most sensitive areas, to heighten sensation & pleasure for your partner. Amp up the excitement with long-lasting seamless action – play harder, longer & come together!



ForMen JoyMax Climax Delay Kit Benefits:

  • Delay Gel – Delays Climax to Help You Last Longer

  • Helps Reduce Penile Oversensitivity

  • Intensely Textured for Added Stimulation

  • 540 Raised Dots for Effortless Pleasure 

  • Delays Ejaculation for Prolonged Action

  • Improves Timing of Men with Mild PE

  • Helps in Preventing Pregnancy, STIs & STDs

  • Secure & Comfort Fit Made for Indian Men

  • Paraben-Free, Ultra-Smooth Lubrication

  • Made with Premium Natural Rubber Latex

  • Come with 10 Discreet Disposable Pouches

  • Electronically Tested for Safety & Strength

  • Improve the Timing of Men Struggling with Mild PE

  • Dotted Condoms are Textured for Extra Stimulation

  • Condom Length: 180 mm & Girth: 53 mm (+/-2 mm)

  • Each Pack Comes with Discreet Disposable Pouches

How to Use ForMen JoyMax Delay Kit?

  • Take a pea-sized amount of Delay Control Gel

  • Apply all over erect shaft 10-15 min before action. Avoid the tip of the penis.

  • Gently wipe off the gel with a tissue after 15 min & get ready for action

  • Place a condom on the tip of the erect penis

  • Pinch the air out of the condom’s top & gently unroll all the way down

  • Get into action. Once used, roll upwards & remove

  • Discard in one of the disposable pouches provided in the pack

  • In case you want more numbing, wait for another 30 min & reuse the Delay Control Gel the same way as before


JoyMax Climax Delay Kit Packaging:

100% Discreet Packaging and Delivery

  • No Complete Display Of Product Name

  • No Brand Name

  • No Content Description

  • No Company Logo


What Does the Doctor Say?

Finishing off early ( PE) is extremely common in men of any age. It mosr commonly can be due to performance anxiety. Usage of  topical products like Delay Gel or Long Last tablets can help.  Further, consistent & correct use of male latex Delay condoms can also help along with effectively reducing the risks of unplanned pregnancy, STIs & STDs by up to 98%.


Dr. Mohammed Viquasuddin


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